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pawna lake camping


Pawna lake is a beautiful camping site 20km away from Lonavala. The environment and lake view are ideal places for visiting with family and friends for relaxation. Pawna lake camp is near Thakursai village. There are many spots with historical forts and mountains with amazing views. A perfect location to enjoy the sunset with colour tint over the sky. The combination of nature and cold breeze fills your soul with freshness and peace. It is an enchanting place for photography.


Pawna lake is only 65km away from Pune city. Visitors can travel by road and take the Kamshet route to reach the lake. By train, from Pune railway station, take a train to Kamshet. From Kamshet station, take a cab or jeep to Pawna Lake; the campsite is 22km away from the station. ivermectin fda freedom of information Trains are available every 45min from the station. It is easy to reach without any trouble. From Mumbai, Pawna is 118 km distance. It will take approximately three hours by road to the location.


During the summer, the average temperature is around 40 degrees in the daytime. The climate feels good in the evening temperature is 30 sustainable degrees. The sunset scene with a cold breeze beside the lake campsite makes it a popular site. During the winter, the area is dry and cool, which is ideal for camping. The scenic view is worth capturing and trekking is open to explore nearby areas.


Pawna Lake camp is the perfect combination of mountains and lakes for camping to escape from hustle life. The site is ideal for people who love nature and want to spend time close to it. At the beautiful camping site, visitors can enjoy thrilling activities: sightseeing, horse riding, paragliding, boating and kayaking etc. There are fun things for everyone like dart games, archery, cricket, football, carom, volleyball, badminton etc.

Trekking sites

 Nearby, trekking sites like Lohagad Fort, Tikona Fort, Tung Fort, and Visapur Fort. There are many adventurous games to enjoy at the campsite. The ambience is very relaxing to spend time with family and friends. At the camping site, the visitors can enjoy varieties of local food and have a happy family time.

Lohagad fort

Lohagad fort is one of the oldest forts in Maharashtra. It is 2.4km from Pawna Lake and 3400ft in altitude, surrounded by breath-taking natural scenes that can be sight from the top. It is a one-day trekking area and has around 300 stairs. ivermectin antibody It is a worth trolling location.

Kamshet Paragliding

Kamshet Paragliding is a famous paragliding site in India. It is 9km away from Pawna Lake. It is an adventurous way to explore the Sahyadri ranges full of panoramic views. kup scabo There are experts for teaching and helping while gliding in the air. 

Della adventure park

Della adventure park is a great escape to enjoy more than 50 adventurous activities in the park. It is 15km away from Pawna Lake. It has a 100ft swoop swing that is very thrilling. The longest flying fox is 1250ft. and is the longest in India. Lots of thrill sports like Motocross dirt, bike riding, buggy ride, paintball, Rappelling, etc. There are other various choices for kids like virtual games, virtual dancing, foosball, chess, etc.

Karla and Bhaja caves

Karla and Bhaja caves in the Khandala are 11km away from Pawna Lake. It illustrates the great creative work of Buddhism and a fascinating waterfall near the caves to attract visitors. The caves are evidence of the rock-cut architecture of the Hinayana phase of Buddhism.

Tikona Fort

Tikona Fort is 7km away from Pawna Lake and its peak near the Pavana river of Lonavala. It is at an altitude of 3633ft and has captivating landscapes and views of the Sahyadri range hills from the fort. It is a one-day easy trek. After reaching the top, visitors can get immersed in the panoramic views of nature.

Vaisapur Fort

Visapur Fort in Mahavali is 4km away from Pawna Lake. It is at an altitude of 3556ft and takes three hours to reach the fort after trekking. There are illustrated architectures from the Peshwa era. It is good to explore during the monsoon season. It is a captivating environment to experience during the trek.


Lake camping is one of the best ways to ease your worries from busy life. There are many places with stunning locations that are very refreshing. The sunset and sunrise point can be watched and get lost in the colour of the sky. The arrangement at the campsite will give visitors a pleasurable time to spend with family, friends and partners.

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