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Tips For Impressing Out-Of-Town Wedding Guests

by Uneeb Khan
Tips For Impressing Out-Of-Town Wedding Guests

The guest list is a very important consideration when planning for your big day. It takes hours of discussion and planning. Families and friends from all over are invited, including those who will have to travel from farther away. Make them feel welcome by helping them out, entertaining them, and most importantly, making them feel at home. Having said that, here are some tips for making them feel relaxed.

Don’t Forget To Include Important Details

Creating an itinerary for your wedding limousine service in Boston is a good way to convey all the details you need to know about the big day. Guests can even access the offline and online versions, which will include important information like time and date, what to wear, important people, etc. If your guests intend to stay longer, include a mini guide with suggestions on where they can eat, what activities they can enjoy, and even where they can go sightseeing.

During The Reception Express Your Gratitude

Wouldn’t you want to attend a wedding and not receive a greeting or nod of acknowledgment from the couple? During your reception, thank your guests personally for coming and making the effort to attend. They’ll appreciate your effort even if it’s not easy.

Accommodation & Travel Assistance

Feeding their travel and accommodation expenses shouldn’t be your responsibility. Nevertheless, you can make a list of accommodations and travel options that you’ve researched beforehand. Before your guests start booking, ask about their budget and preferences. It’s even possible to get a special rate if everyone comes over at the same time.  

Early Save-The-Dates

Transport and accommodation would not be an issue for those who live nearby, but for those who travel farther distances and fly, you should inform them as soon as possible. As far as travel and accommodation are concerned, if they know the dates ahead of time, they may even be able to get better deals.

Plan & Organize Their Transportation

You’re most likely to rent a car or find someone to carpool with if you’re flying to a place you’re unfamiliar with for a wedding. If you need a way to transport a large group of people, our Boston limo service can be your lifesaver. You won’t have to worry about driving or being late when we pick up and drop off large groups of people in various locations within the area. Please give us a call if that sounds appealing to you.

ASL limo services are in high demand. Contact us as soon as possible to ensure you have access to the vehicles you need. Make your reservation and discuss your transportation needs as soon as possible.

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