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Tips for Selecting an Aluminum Extrusion Supplier

by Yasir Asif
Aluminum Extrusion Supplier

Aluminum extrusion companies transform standard aluminum alloys into a variety of shapes and sizes. They can also make custom products to fit specific needs. Choosing the right one depends on a few factors, such as their track record and other ancillary services.

A good aluminum extrusion manufacturing company will first meet with you to understand your business’s specific requirements. Then they will design a profile that fits your custom dimensions and shape.


Aluminum extrusions are versatile and can be used in a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and consumer products. They are manufactured by forcing solid aluminum billet through a shaped die, resulting in a unique shape. These shapes can then be finished with powder coating, anodizing, or painting to suit specific applications.

In addition, the strength of these shapes can be concentrated through the fabrication process by adding internal reinforcement and varying wall thicknesses. They also excel in cold-weather applications, becoming stronger as temperatures drop.

However, the biggest factor that determines the price of custom aluminum extrusions is the cost of the raw material itself. This can fluctuate based on political events in different parts of the world, as well as environmental restrictions that impact the country of origin. These factors can make predicting the price of custom aluminum extrusions difficult. However, knowing more about these factors can help you plan for them and budget accordingly.


Aluminum extrusion is a manufacturing process that involves shaping aluminum billets into specific profiles and shapes. The process is used for a variety of applications, including building materials, manufacturing and construction. Extrusion is an efficient method for producing complex cross-sectional shapes that are difficult to produce through other forming processes.

The extrusion process begins by heating the aluminum alloy and forcing it through a die fitted with a predesigned shape. This process is relatively simple to understand at a fundamental level. It is similar to squeezing Play-Doh with your fingers, which forces the dough through the opening of a tube that has a specific shape.

The final extrusions can be either solid or hollow, and they are usually work-hardened to boost their properties. They can also be preheated in an oven to ensure the correct temper and a higher melting point, which reduces their cost. They can then be sawed into specific lengths, mainly between 8-21 ft. They are then ready for the aging process, which helps them to achieve their final desired dimensions.


Aluminum is a versatile and cost-effective material, suitable for many different applications. For example, it is used in the automotive industry as a lightweight alternative to steel, and for construction projects. It is also resistant to corrosion and can be recycled, making it a greener alternative to other metals.

It is important to find a supplier that has flexible capabilities and is willing to work with you to develop custom shapes and sizes. This can help reduce the initial tooling costs and reduce your project’s turnaround time. Also, it is important to find a supplier that has extensive experience working with extruded aluminum products.

For example, a good supplier will have an operational audit program that ensures that all extruded products are handled with care during the manufacturing and packaging process. This will minimize damage and increase efficiency in production. They will also be able to provide comprehensive documentation on each product, including its section number, bundle, and weight.


When choosing an aluminum extrusion supplier, reputation is important. Look for a company with years of experience and a track record of producing high-quality products. They should also have a strong understanding of the various industries they serve and be able to work with different types of clients.

A quality company will be able to produce large production runs in a short amount of time. They should have the equipment to handle these types of productions, and they should be able to deliver the finished product quickly and efficiently.

A good aluminum extrusion manufacturer should be able to provide value-added services, such as powder coating and machining. These services will help to ensure that your product meets all the requirements of your application and is ready to ship to your customers in a timely manner. A supplier that can provide these additional services will save you time and money. This is especially important for companies that require large quantities of aluminum extrusions.

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