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To increase salon bookings in 2022, try these 5 Maby marketing strategies

by Uneeb Khan

To compete successfully in today’s market, even the smallest businesses need to have an online presence that appeals to the young (and occasionally the elderly). You need a consistent marketing campaign if you want to target clients who aren’t tech savvy. In this piece, Maby provides a variety of nail salon advertising strategies that may be implemented on both social media and the web to boost your business’s visibility and revenue.

1. Get Your Nail Salon to Appear in Google’s Search Results

Do people find your nail salon when they search Google for “nail salon near me“? A Google Business Profile is essential if you want people in your area to find your business online.

Gaining a good internet reputation begins with establishing an online presence. Once Google has approved your business, you should monitor your Yelp page to ensure that your customers are satisfied and to promote your services to dissatisfied customers of competing businesses.

2. Invest in a Web-Based Reservations Platform

If you utilize a service like Maby.us, you may take reservations without ever having to pick up the phone and talk to customers.

As a nail salon owner, you may use customer data collection to your advantage by keeping track of details like customers’ anniversaries, email addresses, and more for use in future loyalty and marketing campaigns. As an added bonus, using Maby or another similar online booking system will lessen the likelihood of double bookings and keep your clients satisfied. In addition to a detailed description of your offerings and their associated prices, you may send out appointment confirmation and reminder emails, as well as text messages to those who have scheduled appointments with you. Everything they need is there at their fingertips!

3. Incorporate a digital salon tour

When people think of your nail salon, they think of you. Customers are more inclined to return if they have a positive impression of your salon. Make a film showcasing the many services offered by your nail salon, such as pedicures, manicures, waxing, and eyelash extensions. All of these elements contribute to your visual marketing campaign. The next step is to upload it to your online platforms. Customers will feel more at ease scheduling an appointment with you after taking a virtual tour of your nail salon and seeing the various services you offer in action.

4. Establish a well-lit selfie area

Get some good before and after shots of your clientele. If you want to share the photos on social media, you can always get their permission first. You might want to look at many options for small salon designs before settling on one for your professional selfie station. You can use this information to better organize your salon.

Customers’ friends and followers will see the images if they are tagged in them when uploaded. A demonstration of your abilities is always appreciated. This is a great approach to showcase your capabilities to potential new clients.

If you want your message to reach even more people, encourage your clients, especially your repeat ones, to leave you a review. Reviews are powerful conversion activators because they reveal to potential customers exactly what they can anticipate from you, without any embellishment.

5. Create backlinks from your social media pages to your website.

Make sure that your social media updates always include connections back to your website and other profiles. You should make it simple for current and potential consumers to gather information about your salon. To sum up your website and, by extension, your company, you can use social media. Your social media updates should tease your audience into clicking through to your website for the whole story.

6. Modify Your Online Marketing Approach

In digital marketing, strategy development is an iterative process. Analytical tools can help you, as a business owner, fine-tune your digital marketing approach over time. You can show off your abilities and knowledge by uploading pictures of the “trending” services you’ve offered for customers.


It’s crucial that you keep your current audience happy while also finding ways to expand your customer base. If you perform a good job for them and treat them well, they will return and tell their friends about you.

Remember that advertising your nail salon is a constant process. To keep your customers interested and loyal, you shouldn’t bombard them with ads and promotions, but you should work to establish your brand steadily through frequent contact with them.

With Maby, you can manage your Salon’s appointments and clients with ease and save time by scheduling appointments online. Get your no-risk trial started!

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