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Top 4 holiday influencers

by Uneeb Khan

Listen up, people! The holiday season is upon us. The streets are getting decorated with props and fairy lights, people have a spring in their step, and nature is ready to sing carols of good times. 

This winter holiday season is a great time for holiday influencers to collaborate with travel and holiday brands and generate revenues.

Everything has already begun to move forward as the winter holiday approaches. This season is an interesting opportunity for companies and holiday influencers since it gives them a rare chance to earn revenue and expand their audience through successful advertising strategies.

All you need is the correct and effective promotional hints to hit the target and take advantage of this wonderful chance.

We have a tip for you if you are a holiday and travel brand looking to monetise the holiday season. The earlier you start, the better. The structure of this year’s holiday celebrations and the uncertainties surrounding consumer spending patterns make it critical to begin organizing your influencer relationships as soon as feasible.

Before you start planning for your holiday marketing campaign, look at a holiday influencer’s responsibilities.

How are holiday influencers helping the travel and holiday industries?

Brands can compensate for their losses by using a holiday influencer business. What is one of the most performed activities of the holiday season? You guessed it right. It is shopping that is performed the most during this upcoming season.

The holiday season is just around the corner. Customers are looking to make up for the absence of interpersonal connections last year and this year by indulging in the customary seasonal food and gift-giving. In the days before the winter holidays, they will seek advice from close ones, relatives, and the internet. If going by the statistics, approximately 49% of consumers rely on their influencers before they organize or buy anything, suggesting that an influencer collaboration could directly enhance sales.

Who will you turn to for guidance and suggestions when organising your upcoming getaway to your dream destination? Influencers associated with the travel and tourism industries are transforming the market today, much as do-it-yourself portals did for the travel and sm sectors at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

According to Forbes Magazine, around forty percent of millennials and Gen Z base their decisions about their upcoming vacation locations on whether the location has an Instagram aesthetic.

If you have some time on your hands and want a quick vacation, then you must follow these influencers if you want to market a vacation spot or are on the hunt for a travel spot.

Top 4 Holiday Travel Influencers ruling social media at the moment.

Now that you are aware what is the role of holiday and travel influencers in influencer marketing, it is time to learn about the top holiday influencers creating waves in the 

Internet world. Keep your eyes glued to the screen:

Alexandra Nicole

The talented, multifaceted influencer is a trustworthy source of all things holiday and travel. A lot of her followers are parents since she is a mom herself. She is based in Tennessee and has more than 200k followers on Instagram. She understands the challenges of being a mom and a working woman. Her content is mostly about parenting, lifestyle, and travelling with kids. Her followers feel deeply connected with her because she keeps them updated through her Instagram lives, stories, and posts.

Ellenei Pei

The next name on our list is a mom too. She is based in New York and is known for her fashion and lifestyle content. She has worked with reputed brands such as Fashion Nova and Loving Tan. You can check out all the content she created for these two brands in her HIghlights on Instagram.

Being a mom of two, she remarkably balances work, kids, and fashion. Her niche is fashion and lifestyle after kids. Therefore most of her followers are young moms or moms-to-be. She inspires women and men to pursue style as a way of life. Her fashion and style are much appreciated among her following of 102k Instagram followers. She also posts her holiday videos with her family on Instagram stories, lives, and feeds.

Kelsey Grace

Kelsey Grace has perfected her niche- health and fitness. She talks about a healthy lifestyle and daily routine that keeps you fit. If you are a new follower, she has created an entire pathway to explore her content on Instagram.

Kelsey Grace has approximately 225K followers on Instagram. Her Instagram feed has a recurring theme of photos and videos showing her working out. She frequently also uploads videos and pictures about exercise advice and nutritious and yummy dishes. Her account contains all of her fitness tips and recaps of specialized stories.

Fitness-related companies, including HydroJug, PEScience, and Tilyoucollapse, make up most of Kelsey’s brand collaborations. Being a body-positive ambassador, she focuses on forming alliances with companies that share her values. She also shares useful tips about how to stay healthy and fit while on vacation. She is a spokesperson for body positivity and encourages people to become healthy rather than focusing on becoming slim.

Pablo Ortega

Pablo Ortega wore many hats when it came to his occupation. She is a travel junkie who loves to travel and explore. He is also a content writer for Condé Nast and has a company named Lyxplanet. He has 50k followers on Instagram, and the number is growing day by day.

You will find breathtaking pictures and videos of all his travels. 

He is consistent with his posts and keeps his followers entertained with videos, pictures, and Lives.

The Last Lines!

Holiday influencers do much more than travel to beautiful destinations and take pictures. They shed light on brands that align with their values and help them generate revenue.

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