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Top 5 Project Management Certification for Beginners

by sheikhfaisal

Project management is a growing career and industry. Businesses all over are looking for certified professionals to join their organization and lead different projects. In this guide, we will take a look at such project management certifications that are ideal for people who are looking to enter the project management domain. Keep reading to learn more!

Project Management Certifications for Beginners

Here are top 5 certifications that you can take a look at: 

1. CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management)

The CAPM is designed for people who want to manage projects, assume greater responsibility, or improve their resumes by adding project management expertise. The CAPM is a good choice for people who are just starting out because it is open to professionals at any point in their project management careers.


There isn’t a substantial requirement for prior experience because the CAPM is for professionals who are just beginning to develop their project management skills. 

You are required to finish 23 credits and do need a secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree, or an equivalent).


$225 for PMI members, $300 for non-members

Download practice questions on project management and boost your preparation for the exam.

PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP)

An effective schedule might be essential to a project’s success. The ability to develop the best schedules for teams and projects in the global, virtual and extremely complicated twenty-first century will be confirmed by PMI-SPs.

The test comprises 150 scored questions covering topics including performing scheduling risk analysis and predicting activity durations.

This certification is good for project managers who wish to strengthen and show off their aptitude for scheduling


Before you apply to become a PMI-SP, you’ll need to have some experience managing schedules. If you have a high school diploma or an associate’s degree, you must have completed 40 months and 40 hours of project scheduling curriculum in the previous five years. With a bachelor’s degree, you’ll require 30 hours of project scheduling training and 28 months of project scheduling experience within the previous five years.


$520 for PMI members and $670 for non-members.

Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP)

The PfMP can serve as your credential if you’ve successfully managed one or more portfolios for an organization. A multiple-choice exam and a panel review are both required steps in the certification process. There are 150 scored exam questions that cover topics like establishing a communication plan and keeping track of your portfolio’s success.

Good for: Those who have made a profession out of managing portfolios and have attained executive or senior-level positions.


To be eligible to apply for the PfMP, you must have at least 96 months of recent professional business experience, or 84 months if you just have a high school diploma or an associate’s degree. If you have a bachelor’s degree, that number decreases to 48 months of portfolio management experience.


$800 for PMI members, $1,000 for non-members

PMI Project Management Ready

The PMI Project Management Ready certification, which was created for students, is a distinctive certificate that will educate candidates on the fundamentals of project management. Young students who earn the credential gain exposure to the project management community as well as improved management and organizational abilities.

Students and anyone else who wants to learn more about project management should use this.


Anyone who can read at a seventh-grade level has a working knowledge of computers, and is able to take part in training and exams is eligible for this certificate.


The PMI Project management ready certification costs $128

PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)

The PMI-RMP is intended to validate advanced professionals’ risk management abilities. The certifications held by PMI-RMPs will demonstrate their readiness to evaluate and lower risk for large or complicated projects.

The exam comprises 150 scored questions covering topics like evaluating the effectiveness of risk processes and introducing stakeholders to risk concepts and procedures.


If you have a high school diploma, an associate’s degree, or a comparable credential, you must have 40 hours of project risk management training in addition to 36 months of experience managing projects in the previous five years. You’ll require 30 hours of project risk management coursework and 24 months of project risk management experience in the last five years if you have a four-year degree.


$520 for PMI members and $670 for non-members.


A professional project management certification helps demonstrate your project management expertise to potential employers and other business insiders. Nevertheless, your particular situation, sector, and professional aspirations will determine whether a certification can help you gain the skills you need and advance your career. 

Are you ready to begin your career in the project management domain, then in that case, you can check out the CAPM Training course offered by Techcanvass. This is an entry-level project management certification ideal for professionals who wish to enter the project management domain. 

This is an online instructor led course, where you get access to certified trainers, who will take you through the entire course coverage and in addition, you will get access to mind maps, mock tests, mock questions, and much more. 

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