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Top 7 Tactics for Proofreaders and Editors to Produce Phenomenal Content

by Uneeb Khan

Proofreading and editing need the same attention as the writing does. undoubtedly it requires time and attention, even more than writing in some cases. However, there are a few strategies that can be effective for proofreaders and editors, in case they follow them diligently.

1. Take pauses and get a fresh outlook

Taking pauses increases productivity levels. You will see evident results if you take small pauses while editing or proofreading any content. Because sometimes you get fed up while editing or proofreading any content for several hours. You will get fresh concepts and can start working with a more improved approach than ever before. However now you might be wondering if you have to deliver the task in a very short span of time so you can not afford to take pauses. So only in that case, you can go with small breaks. A break of hardly 10 to 15 minutes would also work and help in bringing productivity.

2. Search Silent Place to Work

Silence is crucial more in the editing and proofreading phase than the writing. Because at the editing and proofreading phase a firm concentration is required in order to point out the mistakes and to make the content flawless. To achieve this, you need to find a noise-free place for yourself where no one can disturb you. Due to the disturbance, you can lose your concentration, which will eventually affect your productivity level. Sitting in a quiet and calm place will provide you with evident outcomes within no time. In case you are craving to become productive than without a second you should.

3. Track Your Editing Progress

For any editor or proofreader, it is necessary to keep track of his progress in order to get the project completed before the deadline. If you evaluate your content timely then in the end you will not have to face any hassle. Also, it helps you a lot in case your attention is diverted. You can remain consistent in your work. By tracking the progress, you will also get an idea of your own productivity and what you can achieve at any specific time.

4. Notice Text Formatting

Formatting plays a crucial role in maintaining the readability of the text. While writing, writers usually do not get enough time to set the formatting. So, most of the time it is the responsibility of the editors or proofreader to have a close look at the formatting. In case you have met any professional Wikipedia editors and have noticed how they do the formatting, then you must have witnessed the balance they maintain in their write-ups is appreciable.

5. Read Your Text Aloud

After you are done with all the proofreading and editing, then you need to read aloud the whole text in a very calm and quiet place where you can only hear your own voice. Reading aloud helps in pointing out more mistakes that might get skipped in the whole editing and proofreading process.

6. Evaluate Titles Distinctly

Evaluate the headings critically. While editing and proofreading, most of the time the thing that goes unnoticed is the title of the content piece. Very few editors and proofreaders pay attention to the headlines because they focus on pointing out grammatical matting errors from the whole content. However, neglecting headlines can trouble you in the long term. It is imperative to conduct critical analysis and evaluate the heading from the reader’s or targeted audience’s perspective.

7. Search & Change Monotonous Words

Another strategy that can help proofreaders and editors in providing a flawless writing piece to the client is the elimination of monotonous words. Either change them or completely eliminate them from the writing piece if it is not necessary. Read the whole text thoroughly and underline those words that you think are repetitively showing up in the text. After that, think about the best-fitting synonyms and then replace monotonous words with them.

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