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Top Dog Training Facilities in Bangkok

by Yasir Asif
Dog Boarding in Chiang Mai

Bangkok is an excellent place for dog owners to visit, with its parks and green spaces, as well as a great variety of restaurants and cafes that are dog-friendly.

When it comes to finding a dog trainer, you want someone who will be patient with your dog and help you achieve your training goals. It’s also important to ask about her personality and people skills.

Camp K-9 Bangkok

Camp K-9 Bangkok provides a variety of dog training services and courses. These include obedience training, fear and aggression problems, companion protection training and professional courses for police and military working dog handlers. Kamp K-9 trainers are trained in a common sense approach to training which focuses on the needs and goals of the dog. This type of training can take place in the kennel, in group classes or with private lessons.

Boarding your dog at Camp K-9 Bangkok can be a great way to improve their behavior and socialization skills while you’re away from home. While your pet is at camp, they’ll be participating in daily training exercises, real-life distraction proofing drills and physical conditioning. During their boarding stay, they’ll also be treated to special meals and other activities that are designed to enhance the experience for both you and your dog. If you’re interested in bringing your dog to Camp K-9 Bangkok, fill out an application today!

Zoeta Dogsoul

Zoeta Dogsoul is a top-notch dog training company in the making. Founded by Sebastian, a well-respected dog trainer with a hefty dog cred to boot, the team at Zoeta Dogsoul is on a mission to help you and your pooch create a happier and healthier relationship. They can help you train your dog to sit, stay and fetch. The company also has a dog boarding facility in the city. Aside from the training and boarding, they have a large selection of toys and games to keep your canine companion occupied. The most fun and entertaining part is the friendly staff who are all about your dog’s health and happiness. They can be reached through their website and Facebook page. The company is one of the most trusted in the industry, so you can rest assured that your pet will be in good hands.

Trail and Tail

One of Bangkok’s best communities for pet lovers, Trail and Tail is a 6,400-square-meter venue that includes indoor and outdoor dog parks, a pet hotel with 24-hour caretakers and a pet-friendly cafe. It also has a premium pet shop, Moggie Doggie, and the HATO Pet Wellness Center-the world’s first veterinarian-supervised pet clinic.

Human scent is not always the same from one person to the next, so it’s important for the handler to know how to train a dog to discriminate among individual trails. It’s especially critical to focus on the human-odor aspect of trailing, since scent travels hundreds of yards and often doesn’t stay in place for long.

Trailing training can be quite challenging, but it’s worth the effort if you’re serious about your dog’s career as a law enforcement K-9. The key is to learn to recognize a switch in the dog’s body language that signals he is switching to a different human or animal trail.

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