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Top Door Hinges Manufacturers for Quality and Durability

by Yasir Asif
Hinge Supplier

Door hinges play an important role in ensuring your doors open and close properly. While they’re a small piece of hardware, the quality of their design and materials can make a big difference in how long they last.

Counterfeits can deliver shorter-than-expected service life, compromising safety and putting the entire industry at risk. Knock-offs also erode consumer confidence in manufacturers who work hard to develop high-quality products.


Known for its door hinges and hinge systems for heavy-duty, residential and entrance doors, SIMONSWERK is committed to high quality standards and strives for long-lasting customer relationships.

Simonswerk North America’s innovative hinge products are built to stand up to the demands of modern architecture. Their adjustable concealed hinges can be used on all types of residential and commercial projects.

Their TECTUS concealed hinges are a great option for architects and designers who want to create clean, contemporary designs without sacrificing functionality. They also solve some of the thorniest problems that other “invisible” hinges can’t touch, like heavier mirrored closet doors or thicker cabinetry.

With three-dimensional adjustability, maintenance-free slide bearings and UL certification, the TECTUS concealed hinge system is designed to accommodate all standard frames, wood, steel or aluminum. It can be adjusted easily for a smooth, professional look on all flush doors.

2. Kiesler Machine Inc

One of the best ways to tell a manufacturer from the pack is their attention to detail and that is where a good percentage of their manufacturing output resides. Kiesler has the distinction of being the top dog in this department. They have a staff of about 250 in the main plant with a spare parts division as well as several contracting partners spread out across the country. Most importantly Kiesler is a savvily managed company whose products are in high demand and their customer service reps are top notch. They have a small but growing list of happy harried clients. They also have an impressive order tracking and delivery system.

3. Bommer Industries

Bommer Industries is a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of door hinges. Their hardware is durable and works well in many applications.

They offer a wide variety of butt hinges, single action spring hinges, double spring hinges, geared hinges and gate hinges. These are ideal for commercial and industrial environments.

These hinges are lubricated and made from American steel. They are also designed to withstand heavy use and frequent opening and closing.

These hinges are commonly used in industrial and commercial settings where doors need to withstand frequent use and heavy loads. They also provide smooth and consistent movement, reducing wear and tear on the hinge and the door or gate.


TALLSEN are high-quality, durable door hinges that are ideal for both residential and commercial properties. They are known for their durability and strength and are designed to withstand heavy use and provide a smooth, reliable opening and closing experience.

They are also a cost-friendly option that you can retrofit to existing door frames and doors. They’re available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and can be easily installed in standard screw types.

In addition to this, you can use them on all kinds of doors, including interior and exterior. These include doors made of wood and metal, as well as glass.

TALLSEN also offers a number of other hinge types, such as concealed hinges and side-mount hinges. These are great for stopping tampering and giving you a cleaner look by not showing any hardware.

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