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Toronto Airport limo best guide

by Uneeb Khan
Toronto Airport Limo

There are several ways to get to Toronto Airport Limo, from expensive but swift to affordable but somewhat slower. You’ll likely want to take a limo or taxi from Toronto’s downtown to the airport if you’re a visitor or newcomer to the area. The most expensive options for transportation to and from the airport are taxi and limo services, but they offer the quickest, most reliable service. If you’re on a tight budget and have more time, you can take the Pacific Western Airport Express bus or a Toronto Transit Commission train. Of course, if you feel sure about your direction, consider hiring a car.

A Toronto downtown taxi will help you save time and stress.

Your trip will be between twenty-five and thirty kilometers long, depending on where you are in downtown Toronto and whether you use a cab, limo, or rental car. The most pricey of the three is limo service to the airport, which will provide you with a comparable, albeit somewhat more abundant, experience to taking a cab. You’ll need to budget $60 to $75, plus a 15-20% tip, to take a limo this far, and you’ll need to make sure that you have a limo waiting for you when you need to leave. Missing a flight could happen if you don’t account for pickup time and traffic.

The best experience

While a limo may be more expensive, it can be far more convenient to take a taxi from downtown Toronto to the airport. If you wish to make a reservation for a taxi service over the phone, you can do so, but you can also hail one as it passes by. This is perfect for travelers who want to relax by having to plan every step of their trip leaving for the airport. As with limo service, a taxi to the airport typically ranges from $50 to $65 plus a 15-20% gratuity. You can book a minivan cab if you have a lot of luggage or if you need to transport one or more extra passengers.

Your flight can be affected if you choose a cheap downtown Toronto taxi.

Let’s now discuss some alternative strategies. It is far less expensive to take the Toronto Transit Commission or the Pacific Western Airport Express bus from downtown Toronto to the airport than a limo or a cab, but both options take much longer. Public transportation is only sometimes available, so it might not be an option if you must be at the airport at a particular time. If you’re on a tight budget, the airport bus costs $26.95 per person, and public transportation is $3.00 per person. If you choose either option, plan to get to the airport in an hour to 90 minutes. You should call a Toronto Limo Service if you want to get there.

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