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Travel with your baby: Baby Travel Essentials

by Uneeb Khan
Travel Essentials

Many people believe that traveling with a baby is too difficult. It is possible!

No matter your children’s age, I urge you to take your entire family along on your next vacation.

It is one of the most difficult parts of going on vacation. It’s hard to remember everything, especially when packing for a baby.

Don’t be afraid to pack. To help you get on your way, I have compiled a list of the top baby travel essentials.

These are my top travel tips for babies!

Baby Travel Essentials to Sleep

Traveling with a baby can be difficult because of the possible lack of sleep.

When my daughter was a baby, I must admit that I was nervous about traveling. This was mostly because I didn’t want to disrupt her sleep. I wish I had more tools to help me travel.

My goal is for everyone to be as rested while they travel as possible. Traveling may not be as stressful if your baby has good sleep habits and a good child sleep schedule.

These are essential baby travel sleep tips to remember when packing your suitcase. To ensure you have a restful vacation, read my baby sleep tips!

White Noise Sound Machine

The Yogasleep Rohm white noise machine is my favorite for travel. This machine charges via a USB port and is ideal for camping and stroller naps.

The Hatch rest will allow your sound machine to double as an okay-to-wake alarm for your toddler.

Stroller Lightweight

You might be able without a Chicco Liteway Stroller if your baby can be carried in a carrier. If you want a stroller, it should be compact enough for easy air travel.

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 is my favorite. It’s lightweight at 14 pounds and folds up easily. The seat reclines for easy naps, and the bottom has a mesh bag that can be used to store extra travel necessities.

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 comes with a carry bag. It is great for walking to the gate or carrying your luggage to your destination.

Portable Crib or Travel Bassinet

Sometimes, it is easier to travel with your baby’s Play rather than relying on renting or borrowing one once you get there.

The Fisher Price Rock With Me portable bassinet is a great choice. A small space bassinet is a great Rock N Play option.


The SlumberPod, a portable privacy device used around your travel bed, is lightweight and compact. This is a great way to keep the light out when you travel, as you never know what type of blackout curtains the hotel may have.

The Slumberpod, or a SlumberPod substitute, is an essential baby travel item if you share a room with your child. You can see my complete comparison of the SlumberPod and SnoozeShade.

This keeps you out of the baby’s way and allows them to be alone. It will make it easier for your baby to fall asleep if they can’t see you.

Portable Blackout Solution

You can also get portable blackout curtains designed to carry around if you don’t have a Slumberpod.

The blackout curtains by Sleepout are 100% opaque and come with suction cups. This means you don’t need any tools or equipment to hang them. These curtains are great for traveling.

Crib Sheets For Travel Crib

Be sure to bring the right size sheets for your travel crib. You might need smaller sheets for the travel crib than you have at home.

For safe sleeping, your baby should not have any bedding left in their crib until they are at least 12 months.

Swaddles and Sleep Sacks

Make sure you have a few swaddles and sleep bags for your newborn. These are items they will be familiar with at home. A sleep sack can be a great option for the swaddle if your child is old enough. Check out the best sleeping bags, which include summer and winter sleepsacks.

It is important to wrap your baby in the same manner as you would at home when you travel. This is a great way for your baby to know when it’s bedtime, even in unfamiliar surroundings.

Books for bedtime

You can incorporate books into your bedtime routine and then keep a few in your luggage to continue to do the same thing even when you are in a new environment. Your baby will be more alert if you do the same activities every night.

You must have baby feeding for travel

Portable high chair

It’s not always possible to count on a restaurant having a high chair available. The portable highchair makes it easy for the baby to sit at any table and saves you the effort of cleaning a highchair after a meal.

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