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Turkey Visa from Libya and Philippines

by Junaid Awan

Turkey Visa from Libya

Are there any Turkey visa options for Libyan nationals? Libya?

As you are a Libyan citizen, you are eligible to apply for a Turkey visa and can rest assured that if approved.

A valid passport is necessary.

Locate an acceptable reason to visit Turkey

Complete and submit the Application Form to the Department for processing.

How Libyans Can Apply For an Electronic Travel Information and Authorization System Visa from Turkey

Before applying for an e-visa as a Libyan, make sure that your laptop or smartphone is connected to an internet connection that is strong and reliable. If your current location is unsafe or experiencing connectivity issues, move closer to an area more secure so as to maintain uninterrupted service – following these steps may help.

Select your nationality and then the country (Turkey).

Provide and confirm an email address that is both active and valid.

Fill out and submit the application form.

Attach all documents related to the issue.

Pay the application fees before filing.

Fill out the form, then wait for feedback.

Within days or weeks, the embassy will send you an email containing a response.

Documents Needed From Libyans

Have you submitted an online visa application form?

Passport photos must not be older than six months.

At least 72 hours prior to travel, health documents must be issued in order to travel abroad.

COVID-19 must be current at least 14 days prior to departure.

At least six months of validity remain on your Libyan passport before it expires. Two clear pages must also be present.

Scan of the front Passport page that displays personal details and its expiry date

Reservation of hotel accommodations prior to traveling.

Turkey Visa from Philippines

Filipinos travel through Far East countries each year to visit Turkey. Recently, however, more travelers have visited. Read this article for information on Turkey Visas available to Filipinos.

Can Filipinos Visit Turkey?

Filipino citizens, like citizens from many other nations, can visit Turkey for vacation, business, and other purposes. While its weather and culture differ considerably from what can be found in Manila and other Philippine cities and islands, both nations share one thing in common – their vibrant coastal towns.

Filipinos looking to travel to Turkey quickly can now quickly obtain an electronic visa (known as an E-Visa ) which can be obtained in minutes using either mobile phones or computers from home – no more waiting outside an Embassy for approval or rejection! E-visas provide fast entry and stay for those staying only briefly – eliminating sticker visa requirements altogether! E-Visas provide hassle-free entry without needing a residence permit!

The Turkey e Visa

An electronic visa issued solely for tourism or business travel allows holders to visit Turkey for up to 30 days within any 180-day period; after which time they may apply for another one if needed. When compared with traditional visas, E visas are much simpler and cost less.

No one needs to assist you with filling out your visa application; simply log online and complete it yourself. If your information is accurate and meets all criteria, your Visa will be approved so you can travel.

E Visa Requirements for Filipinos: Conditions That Must Be Taken into Consideration

Do Not Overstay For Work Requirements of Turkey E Visa

At the time of your submission of an application for citizenship in the Philippines, you must hold an entry-level passport with at least 150 days left before it expires and two blank pages that can be stamped – otherwise, it will not be accepted. Anything under five months’ invalidity cannot be accepted either.

Residence Permit/Visa

An applicant for a residency/visitation visa should possess a valid document issued from either US, UK/Ireland or another Schengen country, in paper form only as Turkey cannot accept electronic files as evidence.

Hotel Reservations

Any applicant to enter Turkey from The Philippines must present proof of reservation at their hotel prior to leaving. Therefore, before departing for Turkey from The Philippines, be sure to reserve your accommodation ahead of time.

Proof Of Funds

Turkey requires Filipinos living there to present evidence that they have sufficient funds available to cover daily living costs; with an estimated minimum daily cost of living for people in Turkey at $50.

Notice: Visa fees to pay are determined using the current exchange rate and will be displayed as a separate line item on your bill.

Additionally, you should create a duplicate e-Visa and bring it with you during your travels to Turkey. At the border, the official will stamp it to activate it and the countdown begins until its expiration date.

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