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Turkish government provides various visa options for Nepalese nationals. You may apply for their standard visa at either their consulate or embassy, while if traveling through Turkey on another journey a transit visa allows for you to stay for one or two days before proceeding further with your journey.

Turkey’s e-visa system offers many advantages over traditional visa applications. You don’t need to visit consulates or embassies – you can apply from home and receive your e-visa within 24 hours!

Turkey Visa Requirements

When Nepalese residents apply for an e-visa there are specific Turkey visa requirements they must fulfill to be successful with their application – otherwise, your application could be denied below is a list of these criteria:

An official passport from Nepal, an email address, and either a debit or credit card.

Your Nepalese passport must have at least six months remaining on its validity date of travel, as well as a debit card that can securely pay the visa fee online.

How to apply for an e-Visa in Nepal

There are various Turkish visa options available to Nepalese passport holders. Electronic visas provide added convenience; no need to visit the Turkey Embassy or waste time waiting in line, simply apply from home today!

To submit an electronic visa application, it’s important to follow these steps:

Fill in and submit this application form for a visa.

Pay your visa fees online using secure payment options.

Submit an e-Visa application today

After that, your visa will arrive via email.

Required Documents To submit an electronic visa request form, applicants will need to provide personal and travel document details, including their contact info and passport numbers. Some other important requirements for making this formwork:

Birth date (date, place, and nationality); Place of birth; Nationality (nationality and valid residence permit number); Gender; Gender identity number (GID number); Email and telephone numbers, plus additional documents like photographs as well as copies of your passport will also need to be provided for verification purposes.

Estimated Processing Time Processing times will depend on which visa you select; typically 15 working days is typical of traditional Turkey visa processing; standard e-visa can usually be obtained within three working days.

Electronic visas from Turkey for Palestinians are highly prized as they provide the fastest and simplest means of acquiring their visas.

Palestinian candidates need only less than a minute to fill out and submit the form on either their phone or computer, receiving their approved Turkish e-Visa via email.

Types of Turkey visas for Palestinian citizens

An electronic visa issued to Turkey may be used for recreational, athletic, and cultural activities.

Tourist visas issued to Palestinians allow for up to 30 days of stay and one visit only.

This visa is appropriate for travelers visiting Turkey on vacation or for business, while visitors from overseas who visit for any other purpose require another type of visa.

They do not require a Turkey Transit Visa since they do not exit the international transit zone, however, to depart an airport one must possess an e-Visa to transit.

How can Palestinian citizens obtain a Turkey Visa?

Palestine citizens looking to travel to Turkey on either business or leisure trips should take note that applying for an E-Visa makes their travel arrangements much simpler. The simplified application process streamlines how they get an E-Visa.

Step-by-Step Procedure on How to Submit an Application for a Turkey Visa

Palestinians can apply for an electronic visa quickly and efficiently. Below are four steps they need to follow for applying:

Step one of your Turkey Online application process should be to complete and submit your form.

Step 2: Request Confirmation of Your Payment and Documents It is crucial that all information entered before submitting an online payment be double-checked before submission since any errors could lead to delays or rejection in processing your visa application. In order to make payments for our visa services you can select a payment option and complete our secure check-out form.

Step 3: Receive Your E-visa And Instructions For Visa Stamp. At this stage, check your email from us to ensure the details you provided have been accurately recorded. We’ll inform you as soon as it has arrived!

Step 4: Once in Turkey, receive your visa stamp in your passport.

Simply wait and watch as your e-Visa in Turkey is issued after you submit your Turkey Visa application and pay its fee.

Once your visa application has been accepted, an email with a copy of your visa will be sent directly to you and should be brought along on any trip to Turkey.

Track Your Turkey Visa Status. Palestinian residents can submit and monitor their own e-visa application online with the Check Status feature.

Maintaining your visa status for Turkey is made simple with our application and notification by email within 30 minutes of its status.

Processing Times for Turkey visa applications.

Turkey E-visa applications are processed quickly. Candidates can select GIS’ expedited visa option, which takes just five business hours for processing this visa application for them.

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