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Turnstile Equipment: 5 Things You Need To Know

by Uneeb Khan

Sometimes, it is difficult to find the right what for your company. During peak season, those long lines at a busy turnstile can make even the most patient person feel like they will never get in. This article explains 5 things you need to know about turnstile equipment so that you can avoid these problems during your next big event.

What is Turnstile Equipment?

Turnstile equipment is a machines that helps to control the flow of people through a gate or entrance. It is made up of different parts, including sensors, cameras, and computers.

The main purpose of turnstile equipment is to ensure safety and security. It is important that turnstile equipment is reliable and able to detect unauthorized entry. Turnstile equipment also needs to be able to accurately track the movement of people through it. This way, it can determine whether or not someone has illegally entered the area.

Turnstile equipment can be found in many different types of places, including airports, schools, and businesses. It is important to make sure that it is properly maintained so that it can continue to operate safely and securely.

Types of turnstiles

There are a few types of turnstiles, and each has its own benefits.

One type of turnstile is the card readers. These turnstiles use a magnetic strip on your card to let you through. This type of turnstile is usually found at large events like concerts or sporting events.

Another type of turnstile is the contactless turnstile. This type of turnstile uses radio waves to identify your card and let you through. Contactless turnstiles are usually found in smaller venues, like stadiums or nightclubs. They’re more secure than card readers because they don’t use a magnetic strip.

The last type of turnstile is the biometric turnstile. This type of turnstile uses your fingerprint or iris scan to let you through. Theseturnstiles are usually found in high-security areas, like airports and government buildings. They’re the most secure type of turnstile because they require the most personal information from you.

Where and When to Use a Turnstile

To use turnstile equipment, you first need to know where it is located and when it is in use.

Turnstile equipment is commonly found at entrances to public places such as museums, stadiums, and amusement parks. It is also common in schools and other places where large crowds are expected.

When using turnstile equipment, be sure to follow the instructions that are posted on the wall or gate. These instructions will usually state which type of ticket you need to use the turnstile for (e.g. museum admission ticket, stadium ticket, etc.).

If you have any questions about using turnstile equipment, feel free to ask a staff member at the place where it is located. They are likely to be able to help you out.

How To Avoid Thefts

When entering a public place, be sure to use the correct turnstile. There are different types of turnstiles depending on the type of entrance you are using.

For example, there is a traditional turnstile that you would use when entering a building through the front door. This type of turnstile requires you to insert your ticket into a slot and then press a button to open the gate.

Another type of turnstile is an automatic turnstile. These turnstiles allow you to enter without having to insert your ticket. Simply walk up to the machine and press the button to open the gate.

It is important to know how to avoid thefts when using turnstiles. For example, never leave your belongings unattended near a turnstile. Also, be sure to keep your tickets safe and separate from your other personal belongings.


If you’re in the market for turnstile equipment, there are a few things you need to know before making your purchase. First and foremost, make sure that you choose the right type of turnstile for your needs; then, check to see if the equipment is compatible with your chosen security system. And finally, be sure to budget carefully—every dollar counts when it comes to security measures!

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