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Types of Home Design Blogs

by Uneeb Khan

Creating your own home design blog can be a great way to share your love of design with others. There are many different types of blogs that are out there, and they all have different things to offer. For example, there are blogs that focus on classic, casual, and modern interior design, and blogs that focus on all sorts of different home decorating ideas. Whatever your tastes are, there’s sure to be a home design blog that will suit you.

At the Picket Fence

Whether you’re looking to create a cottage-style home, or you just love the look of a picket fence, there are many ways to make your outdoor space unique and personal. From picking out the colors to adding new designs, you can turn your outdoor space into a place that is both functional and beautiful.

A picket fence can be used to create a decorative boundary in your yard, as well as to keep children and pets safe. It’s an easy and cost-effective way to delineate your yard, and it showcases your land.

At the Glam Pad

Founded by design aficionado and entrepreneur Andrea Rossinger, The Glam Pad is a nifty online home decor blog that’s worth checking out for the content, swag and the folks who make it all happen. The site offers home decorating ideas, design trends, and the best tips and tricks from the pros. It’s also a good place to find the latest home design trends and to get a glimpse at some of the latest trends in the luxury home and design industry.

Habitually Chic

Whether you are looking for a stylish way to decorate your home or you are simply curious about the world of interior design, Habitually Chic is a great resource. Heather Clawson is a New York-based interior designer who shares her personal experiences with architecture, design, fashion, photography and travel. Her blog has been featured by publications such as New York Magazine, Elle Decor, House Beautiful and Family Circle. She also wrote a book, Habitually Chic: Creativity at Work, which explores creative workspaces of the world’s most creative people.

Simplified Bee

Founded in 2009 by interior designer Cristin Brisbee Priest, Simplified Bee is a home improvement company that does one thing well: provide design and decor advice for a budget. Their website has a slew of home improvement tips and tricks. The blog is also home to an enviable list of notable contributors.

blog isn’t just about home decorating, it also features a slew of DIY projects, DIY home decor ideas, and some of the best pictures of the modern era. The blog also has a few nifty gizmos, like their handy dandy DIY wall decor kit.


Founded in 2008 by interior designer Nicole Cohen, the SKETCH42 home design blog is one of the fastest growing lifestyle destinations in the country. The site features original content that speaks to the latest home decor trends. The swagger is in the content. The site is a great resource for homeowners and designers looking to take their interiors to the next level. The site’s nifty-nifty home design blog features a plethora of home design tips and tricks.

Studio McGee

Founded by Shea McGee, Studio McGee is one of the top interior design firms in the world. It started out as a small business for a stay-at-home mom, but has since grown into a huge empire. With 3.1 million followers on Instagram and a $59.7 million revenue in 2020, Studio McGee is a household name.

Studio McGee combines classic, modern pieces with vintage elements for a look that’s as eclectic as it is contemporary. This style is perfect for laundry rooms, kitchens and gallery walls.

Tobi’s Blog

Whether you’re an interior designer, homeowner, or just want to learn more about the latest and greatest in home design, Tobi’s Blog is a great place to start. In fact, it’s a wildly popular blog that’s been cited by HGTV and other major media outlets.

Tobi is a prolific blogger, with a website that’s read by 124 countries around the world. She’s also a successful designer, with a firm that’s been in business for nearly 15 years. In fact, her company has won more than a dozen ASID Gold Awards. And she’s already a member of the Design Bloggers Hall of Fame.

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