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Under the Oak Tree – A Romantic Manhwa

by Uneeb Khan
Under the Oak Tree


Under the Oak Tree is a manhwa that tells the story of a young woman abandoned by her husband. On the day of her wedding, Riftan Calypse decides to join a military campaign and leaves his wife, Maximilian Croix, behind. Maxi is convinced that Riftan won’t want her anymore, but three years later, he returns to her. The first four chapters are available on the Manta website. This manga series would make a great anime.

Under the Oak Tree opens with Maximilian’s wedding, which is interrupted by a rumor that Riftan is planning to divorce Maximilian and marry the princess. Maximilian’s father is furious at the plans and accuses her of being ugly. As a result, Maximilian is left with no self-confidence and no will.


Webtoon Under the Oak Tree is based on the novel written by Korean author Kim Suji. It tells the story of young noblewoman Maximillian who was raised by an abusive father. Her father told her she was unworthy and she was confided in her room for most of her life. As a result, she had no self-confidence and little willpower.

Maximilian hasn’t seen her husband Riftan for three years. Rumours are circulating that he wants a divorce, and she must prevent it. She’s had a hard life, and is afraid of the world, but she wants to protect her husband.


Under the Oak Tree is an ongoing Korean web serial novel that is currently being adapted into a webtoon. The story centers on a young noblewoman named Maximillian, who is afflicted with a stutter and low self-esteem. She was brought up by her abusive father, who told her she was unworthy. As a result, she develops an inferiority complex and lacks self-confidence.

The writing style in this fantasy novel is colorful and rich, and the illustrations are in cartoon style. Maximilian is portrayed as fragile and clumsy, but when she stands next to Riftan, who is nearly two meters tall, the comparison is even more obvious. Maximilian is like a doll, and Riftan is her knight. She needs to work on herself before she can have a baby.


Under the Oak Tree is an enchanting fantasy novel. It is full of vivid details and poetic language. The artwork is reminiscent of a cartoon. The contrast between Riftan, a nearly two-meter-tall knight, and Maximilian, a one-foot-six-inch doll heighted girl, creates a striking sense of scale. Maximilian is portrayed as frail and clingy, and her relationship with Riftan, who is a noble, is a test of her strength and endurance.

Webtoons have become increasingly popular, and many are now female-oriented. As with manga, these stories typically feature characters who are young women, adolescents, or young adults. Often, women are quick to get pregnant, but this is not the case in Under the Oak Tree. In fact, her protagonist has to do a lot of self-improvement work before she can become a mother.


The story of Under the Oak Tree is a romantic fantasy Manhwa. It is published by Manta Comics and written by Namu. It is an original work of Korean manga, which is heartwarming and unique. You will want to check it out if you love romance, fantasy, and the power of love.

This fantasy novel is full of colorful art and poetic details. It also has a cartoon-like feel. It portrays the story of a contract marriage between a young noblewoman and an aging knight. The book is a romantic fantasy, combining mature themes and a romantic fantasy.

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