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Unlock Your Potential: Expert Tips for Boosting Your IELTS Score

by Junaid Awan

You have to acquire a good band score in order to secure a job or a student visa abroad. Many people leave the thought of their abroad dream thinking of the complexity of scoring a good band in IELTS score. It’s not easy to express your thoughts in a foreign language just like you speak your mind. But with practice and dedication, you can pretty much land a good score. So first you have to know about the scoring system and strategies that can help you in improving your proficiency in English. You can contact Study Abroad Consultants In Ernakulam for any concerns or doubts about abroad education. 

Tips to Improve Your Ielts Band Score

Consider performing the following strategies to boost your IELTS band score. 

Know the Format of the Test

You can improve your performance by understanding the format, time limits, question types, and how the scores are evaluated. This can help in familiarizing yourself with the test format to score high. You will hear the audio only once in a listening test. So make sure you sharpen your ears before the test and it will take about 40 minutes overall with 10 minutes to pass the answers to the paper. There will be three sections in a reading text with paragraphs from various magazines, newspapers, books, or online resources. No extra time will be given and you have to finish the exam in 30 minutes. 

Upgrade Your Vocabulary

You have to expose yourself to more words and use them frequently to enhance your vocabulary, as English learning is all about the use of the right words at precise timing. You can achieve this by reading more, underlining, and highlighting the words you find fascinating. You can even note down these words in a book to remember and use them often. Make sure you have reached out to every resource that can upgrade your vocabulary.  

You can watch Hollywood movies, listen to the news, and read English newspapers to discover many new words that can be used frequently while you communicate. It’s not just listening and reading new words but you have to memorize it to make it useful. When you familiarize yourself with new words it would be beneficial while connecting your thoughts and words.    

Take Online Tests

You can familiarize yourself with online lessons and tests. By practicing it daily, you can get acclimatized to the timing and you could plan your exams and tests. It can also improve your efficiency in writing, reading, speaking, and listening. Performing online tests can make you prepared for taking the actual tests without stressing out. 

Speak to Yourself in the Mirror

There is no such effective way as speaking to yourself in English in front of the mirror. You can self-evaluate by seeing the way to talk, your expressions, your gestures, and many more. This will help in letting yourself improve in a way you think is necessary. The speaking test will start with a small talk then you will be given a topic to brief in 5 minutes including 1 minute to prepare. A two-way conversation about the topic you have briefed would be followed thereafter. You can prepare for this by attending online tests with familiar topics so you can ace the real test confidently. There are many online sites that can help you in cracking the test. Your speaking skills need to have frequent conversation practice. You can also speak with native English speakers and participate in a speech program to enhance your communication skills.    

Practice English Listening

Whether it be music or podcasts, ensure you understand the topic. Listen to all the resources you get online and offline to enhance your listening skills. You won’t get to hear the audio a second time, so you have to note your own answers while listening. 

Develop Writing Skills

Most IELTS aspirants score less in writing compared to any other sections because they ignore this area for an array of reasons. Do you know the secret of cracking a writing test? In order to get high scores on writing tests, you have to improve your vocabulary with practice. It is not grammar and vocabulary all the time but adding logic to your writing. The writing test would contain two sections namely task 1 and task 2. Academic writing task 1 includes tables, charts, diagrams, and graphs, in which you have to explain what the picture depicts. You have to take note of the word count as your writing should never exceed that. You have to take more time for writing task 2 as you would need to explain it with more word count. 

To recapitulate, the points mentioned above will give you insights into preparing for the IELTS exam effectively and scoring better. However, your score is definitely a reflection of your commitment and practice. So if you are planning to enroll in IETLS training, you can look for the Best Study Abroad Consultants In Kerala. This will help in getting trained by the experts to achieve desired results. 

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