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Water Ax Portable Fire Pumps

by Uneeb Khan

The portable fire pump is one of the essential fire fighting tools. It is used for
quick and effective extinguishing of small fires and for putting out larger ones. For
the best results, you should choose a portable fire pump that is durable and can
operate in a variety of conditions. There are several factors that will help you
determine which portable fire pump is best for your needs.


Whether you’re a rabid firefighter or a casual backyard griller, you’re sure to find a
plethora of opportunities to hose out your kin. To keep your sanity intact, it’s a
good idea to have a handy tool in hand. A quality portable fire pump should do the
trick. Luckily, the guys at WaterAx have your back. Featuring the latest in
firefighter technology, the newest addition to the water family, the VERSAX, is
sure to make your life a whole lot easier. The VERSAX is a fully modular system
that comes standard with a 6 horsepower Honda engine, a hefty 12 gauge water tank
and a slick looking wraparound frame.


The B2X-21H is an impressive looking piece of kit. With a svelte 21 HP Honda
engine to boot, its got the oomph factor aplenty. If you’re in the market for a fire
pump with the space to spare, you’re in luck. Its sleek looks and slick features are a
surefire way to impress any crew or crews. Plus, its base mount makes it a cinch to
transport and store. This is not to mention the fact that its engine compartment is
well insulated for safety and comfort.


The STRIKER-3 portable fire pump is a reliable, easy to use unit. Its quick release
clamp makes it easy to replace the pump end when necessary. You can also add
other accessories to this unit, including control panels and batteries for electrical
The STRIKER-3’s engine is powered by a Honda GX390 13 HP gasolin e engine. It
can deliver pressures up to 345 PSI. However, you should take precautions when
using it, such as ensuring that the pump does not run dry. This can cause
overheating and damage to the seals and internals of the pump.

Angus Fire

Angus Fire portable pumps are a cinch to install, handle and operate. They come in
a range of flow rates, from 400 litres per minute to a whopping 5000 lpm. These
pumps also complies with EU and US exhaust emission standards, while using
tough corrosion-resistant materials. Angus boasts a history of innovation in fire
hose manufacturing. The company’s STORMforce trailer is a compact firefighting
platform that enables operators to quickly and easily deploy a mobile unit. It also
comes with ancillary equipment like four lengths of Duraline fire hose and a trailer
mounted suction nozzle.


The Hale portable fire pump is a name synonymous with high-quality firefighting
equipment. Over the years, the company has grown and innovated to become a fullspectrum solution for fire and rescue teams everywhere.
A fire pump is an essential component of a fire sprinkler system. It provides a
source of high-pressure water access to the sprinklers, helping to improve flow
rates. Although there are many types of fire pumps, the most c ommon are
horizontal split case and vertical inline models.
A fire pump is made from several parts, including an impeller, motor, and drive
shaft. In some cases, you’ll also need a spark-resistant muffler. For example, the
Fyr Pak is a small, lightweight, and portable pump that delivers discharge pressures
up to 220 PSI.

Nozzles and hose size affect selection

When choosing a portable fire pump, nozzles and hose size are important. The
nozzles and hose size you choose depend on your needs and the performance
requirements of the nozzle. For example, you may need to use a fog nozzle for a
low-pressure fog. You can also choose to use a fixed gallonage nozzle, which
allows you to control the gallons per minute (gpm) of your water flow.
If you are not sure about what nozzles and hose size you need, you should ask the
department for guidance. Different departments have different levels of training
and experience with nozzles and hoses.

Inspections and maintenance

When you have a portable fire pump, it is crucial to inspect and maintain it
regularly. Without proper maintenance, it can lead to less effective fire protection
and a high risk of property damage.
Fire pumps are an essential part of many water-based fire protection systems. They
increase water pressure and regulate the flow for fire fighting. Regular inspections
and testing are essential to ensure that the system operates effectively.
NFPA 101, Standard for Inspection and Maintenance of Stationary Fire Protection
Equipment, and NFPA 25, Standard for the Insp ection, Testing, and Maintenance of
Water-Based Fire Protection Systems outline inspection and testing activities.
These requirements are subject to periodic revisions to meet local or federal

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