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How to Get WebPT Login Access (Updated 2022)

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How to Get WebPT Login Access

You will hear about a healthy body and a healthy mind. Health is very important for human beings. Physical health refers to how a person is involved in physical activity, diet, sleep cycle, etc. without good physical health you cannot enjoy your life because every work needs energy and a peaceful mind.

Do you know about WebPT login? WebPT login is one of the most active webpage where patients and management can register and get online information about their billing, treatment details, and much more. So before starting a discussion about WebPT login, you must be known what is WebPT.

About WebPT

There are numerous ways to remain fit. One of them we are going to discuss today is WebPT (web-based physical therapy) developed by Heidi Jannenga in 2008.  She had a physical therapy practice.

WebPT is the web-based platform for the physical therapist to keep a record of the patient and practice management. This platform released stress and keep the clinical environment stress free.

What is WebPT Login?

WebPT login is an online active webpage where you can login with a valid WebPT account. WebPT is the web-based platform for the physical therapist to keep records of the patient and practice management.

WebPT: Features and Benefits

As we mentioned above WebPT is an online website about Physical therapy that provides therapy facilities to patients. If you are searching for the best physical therapy center then stop it, here we explored some basic features and benefits that definitively convene you to use WebPT:

WebPT Provides EMR:

The term EMR refers to electronic medical records. The WebPT offers the feature of EMR for a therapist using this feature the therapists are able to send and create specialty-specific documents from day one to the complete recovery process till discharge.  the therapist is able to save and enter the patient’s detail from anywhere. The data will be completely secure so there should be no hesitation for data. You will also be able to upload external documents like images, and other physician referrals.

Schedule Facility:

With this feature, you can increase clinic efficiency this feature you can view schedules for patients, therapists, and the treatment room anywhere whenever you want. There is also a reminder feature is present that helps you to decrease cancellations rates of appointments. These appointments are sent by text and email.

Billing Procedure:

The billing payment procedure is easy. It keeps the track of all the bills. The billing process is time-saving. This helps to increase your profit and also increase billing efficiency. With a user-friendly interface, your clinic’s billing process will be improved. The payment method includes the patient’s name, payment amount, method, description, service date, and transaction.

Further, here are the Features for patients, details are mentioned below:

Digital Intake:

With digital intake, the patient registration process will be enhanced.  Before entering your clinic patient can complete their paperwork from their internet-enabled devices. This saves the patient time and makes them free from frustration. From this facility whenever the patients come to your clinic they are ready for the healing process.

Provide HEP:

Hep stands for a home exercise program. This program helps your patients to get better in a short time. You can search thousands of exercises for home exercise programs. For this purpose, there is a mobile app from which you can access your patient and give complete feedback on their exercise. Patients can download this app from the Google play store.


WebPT has a 40% market share it is the leading platform for patient care and business revolution. The pricing starts from 89$ per feature. It doesn’t have a free version.

WebPT for Students or Teachers:

If you are a student or teacher, then follow the instructions. Here we mentioned all details for students and teachers that how WebPT works for students and teachers.

WebPT Login Process for Patients:

WebPT also offers educational programs for physical therapy students and also for the educators who have a great experience and teach students at a very low cost. This website is also used as a tool in many universities. From this website, students are able to get real-world EMR experience which may help them after their graduation.

  • Open the official webpage “https://auth.webpt.com/
  • Enter the “username
  • Enter the valid “password” in the field.
  • Click on login to WebPT.
WebPT Login Process for Patients
WebPT Login Process for Patients:

Hope you got it, if you are facing any login issues then contact an official WebPT control team.

How to Reset the Password on WebPT?

  • Open the official website “https://auth.webpt.com/
  • Click here on the “forgot password” tab
  • After that, a new window will be opened type your username there, and click on send instruction.
  • Follow the instruction to reset your password.
How to Reset the Password on WebPT
How to Reset the Password on WebPT?

If you are facing any further errors, then contact an official WebPT team. They will better assist you with resetting or creating an account.

Final Thoughts

Do you know WebPT is one of the most authentic and best Physical therapy centers that provides a lot of facilities to its patients and as well as management? In this article, MarketMillion content writing team mentioned what is WebPT and how it works. Further, we also discussed WebPT login. Hope you got it.

FAQs about WebPT

How to Get WebPT Login Access in 2022?

Visit an official WebPT login page “https://auth.webpt.com/” then enter the valid username and password. Then click on “Login to WebPT” button.

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