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What Are Some Interesting Start-Ups In The Education Space?

by Uneeb Khan

The start of 2020 brought many changes to our lives. If you’re wondering what these changes are, keep reading ahead! Of course, you must’ve seen business, and even healthcare going remote, but did you know the educational sector has joined the online world too?! Ever heard about Dissertation Writing Services UK? These are one of the best examples of how the internet affects our learning. Your classes have gone online and that brought a huge change in schools as well as businesses.

Especially since the lockdown, you will find many new tech-savvy startups related to education. While you wondering when you’ll go back to school, educational startups benefit from online studies. Our newer group of students may think it’s a curse but this is truly a blessing in disguise. Indeed, the educational sector is changing for good, so say goodbye to the boring ways of learning.  Thanks to the sharp rise in technology, startups in this industry are becoming even better and more successful. So let’s learn about the emerging companies that are shaping the learning new generations and their lifestyles.

Top Most Interesting Educational Startups To Watch For

1. Kalam Labs

If you’re talking about innovation, you can’t forget to mention Kalam Labs! This new business offers revolutionary methods for learning to K-12-level students. Indeed, Kalam Labs is one of the most exceptional business ideas which might even shock you! This business offers a fusion of gaming with learning – how cool is that! This gaming service will make you the smartest student in your class. Hence, you will learn about the subjects/concepts relating to your grade as a gamer! Unbelievable, right? You must be pretty fascinated by now, so visit their site if you learn about their business.

2. Utobo

You can find more and more tutors as your studies get advanced every year. New teachers pop up every now and then to sell their online courses through popular websites. Apart from the rising competition, another problem is testing and marketing. The tutors have to use many complicated tools for this, which takes a lot of time. Utobo is here to save these online teachers! Utobo gives you a one-stop solution for all the online course activities. Therefore, creating, delivering, and testing – it’s all easy now! If you’re an online teacher, you should check them out.

3. MegaCampus

MegaCampus is a Russian company that creates a social network for educators, students, and employers. This platform is meant for teachers to teach, employers to hire, and students to socialize and learn. MegaCampus is the place where scrolling for hours won’t ruin your education and career! In fact, it will link you to many learning and working opportunities, visit their website to learn more.

4. Beetle

Another similar platform is Beetle – beware, you might get hooked! This is a community for school and college students, for gathering information related to jobs, skills, and, internships under the same roof. Join this platform if you want to end all your struggles as a student. Moreover, this platform truly cares about you and promotes mental-health awareness amongst students. Since Beetle is pretty new, its website and community are still in the making. So become one of the first members to join them before others hop the bandwagon!

5. Atorika

Atorika is a French startup that works to improve learning for kids. As kids, we all find studies boring because our schools use old and boring methods for teaching. However, Erika is here to change that for the lucky new-age students. Their idea is still in the making, but it will be launched anytime soon as they plan to create ‘Atorika Spaces’ to hold workshops for kids aged between 5 and 15. These supervised workshops will give students the chance to learn in high-tech settings. Their slogan ‘art and science through experience’ excites us even more!http://thecapitaltime.com

6. Teachers Pay Teachers

TPT is one of the best companies for teachers to make their lives easier. If you’re a teacher, you can find many other teachers of your domain to exchange study material. Imagine, all that time taking lesson planning reduced to zero! Connecting the teacher’s community helps them reduce much of your workload. In fact, you can even sell and buy worksheets, lesson plans, and other materials from your peers. Since the syllabus for K-12 class students is pretty similar, you can easily find relevant material. Teaching is no longer tiring, thanks to Teachers Pay Teachers!

In Conclusion

2020 has changed our lives in many ways – it has reshaped students’ learning and education too! Of course, this change is going to ripple across all educational sectors and the business industry. Since the lockdowns of 2020 reduced in-person interaction, our online interactions have gone up too. Thus, you’re going to find many study-related start-ups that function online. Plus, you can even find dissertation writing servicerelated start-ups too! We hope this piece fulfilled your eager wish to know or learn about interesting new businesses related to education.

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