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What are Some of The Uses of Hotel Virtual Tours?

by Uneeb Khan
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Simulated tours are becoming very popular in the hospitality industry in today’s times. It uses technology to give the potential guests and clients a very unique experience. From restaurants to hotels, every business in the hospitality industry is today using virtual tourism for promoting their business, pushing consumer growth, as well as enhancing operational processes. To keep up with these trends, many hotels are now offering hotel virtual tours for connecting with potential guests and visitors. Let us see how these tours are useful to hotels. 

  • A google 360 virtual tour of a hotel enables inviting potential guests to take a look inside and experience the decor, amenities and rooms of the hotel. The hotel virtual tours are able to increase the online exposure as well as engagement, which drives many more customers directly to the hotel website. 
  • The hotel sales teams will be able to easily generate the URL links to any section of the hotel virtual tour. This is used for the emails and PDF brochures, which can promote particular areas of the hotel to people. 
  • The hotel should be correctly positioned on the Google Maps. A number of customers, particularly those located in remote areas may not be positioned accurately on the Google Maps pin, and also not registered with Google. Hotel virtual tours will ensure the customers are able to find and navigate the location. 
  • Hotel virtual tours are able to significantly increase the number of direct enquiries and bookings, while eliminating the popular but expensive third-party agents like TripAdvisor, Expedia, etc. 
  • A Hotel virtual tour will help in ranking hotels higher in the search results and encouraging customers to navigate to the website of the hotel and book directly from there as well as increase its online exposure. They will result in saving money in the future enabling them to pass on the savings directly to their customers.
  • A hotel has several spaces that can be used for other hiring. It can be for a wedding, private conference, meetings, dinners, etc. The look as well as layout is extremely important to the person who is booking the property for the event. Google hotel virtual tours will wonderfully showcase the event spaces.
  • Adding a virtual tour to the hotel website and sharing it through social media totally free-of-charge helps to engage customers with interactive and immersive content.

How does a virtual tour agency help hotels or any other businesses in hospitality?

Virtual tour agency helps hotels in creating excellent hotel virtual tours that enable potential customers to try out the property by submerging themselves in an online simulation of the hotel. Here are some ways a virtual tour agency helps hotels –

  • With the supervision of the hotel staff and the expertise of the virtual tour agency, the venue can be portrayed in the best light.
  • They provide quality check of all areas of the virtual tour, making sure that the balance of colour, image stitching as well as the general flow of the hotel virtual tour is precise.
  • A virtual tour agency will incorporate the hotel virtual tours to the Google My Business graph in a direct way which will help to enhance SEO, increase user engagement and visits to the hotel website. A virtual tour agency will help hotels access their Google listing.
  • If a property has several websites, a virtual tour agency is able to provide complete project management for scheduling the logistics and organise the photo shoots.
  • An agency will help in embedding a virtual tour for free into the hotel website and social pages. 
  • A virtual tour agency can instantly verify the Google business listing and then optimise it for increasing visibility. 
  • All the 360 and 3D hotel virtual tours are made fully compatible as well as VR-ready when they are live.

Hotel virtual tour are excellent ways which restaurants, hotels, stores, as well as other businesses will use for simulating and facilitating an on-property visit online. It is a popular tool for resorts, hotels, vacation homes, as well as overnight accommodations.  Hotel virtual tours enable customers, travel agents and event planners, etc. to visit the property from anywhere in the world and take a look inside a property. Remote visitors as well as possible customers are able to explore the hotel as a guest and also experience all it has to offer such as amenities of the hotel, lobby spaces, restaurant and dining areas, fitness facilities, swimming pool, spa, and other exterior spaces of the hotel.

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