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What Are The Advantages And Attachments Of Forklift Drum Lifters?

by Uneeb Khan

Working in pharmaceutical facilities, chemical plants, or oil sectors includes dealing liquid materials in steel or plastic drums that are heavy to handle and carry daily. For that forklift drum lifter is an essential machine in these industries.

These liquid materials are also frequently hazardous, so it is important to ensure safe handling. When a full drum is being manually raised or rolled for transport, there is a high risk that it could seriously hurt nearby people. Forklift drum lifters can assist in simply lifting the drums straightforwardly and in a trouble-free manner. A forklift drum lifter makes it easier to transport the drums regardless of their weight.

forklift drum lifter

forklift drum lifter

Types Of Forklift Drum Attachment:

The Following Are The Lifting Drum Handling Equipment.

Drum Handler:

Drum handlers are the parts of the machine that hold the drums securely. With a drum handler’s assistance, even the largest drums can be moved and lifted. This vertical drum handler can hold a drum securely, making it a safer option.

Overhead Drum Lift:

A filled drum can be elevated in the upright position swiftly and safely using an overhead drum lift. The drum lifter can also be attached to a hoist, crane, or forklift. Therefore, using an overhead drum clamp will undoubtedly cut down on downtime as well as the risk of spills and injuries.

Drum Grab:

A forklift drum grab is the best option when you need to handle and hoist your drums quickly while also conserving space.

Drum Gripper:

Along with delivering them, a forklift drum gripper can lift drums for easier stacking and organization. The drum gripper can be attached to a forklift and locked in place to accomplish this.

Vertical Drum Lifter:

There are two types of vertical drum lifters: tong-style and band-style. The tong drum lifter allows you to take up the drums from an overhead vertical position. In contrast, a band drum lifter enables you to pick up the drum from a vertically lowered position.

Forklift Drums Rotator:

The drum rotator attachment for forklifts is useful for any purpose. It can move, lift, tilt, and rotate drums. It also incorporates a pull-chain loop so that the forklift truck driver can control the drums with ease. You can take up the drum, turn in any direction you like, and then fully empty the contents of the drum.

Benefits Of Forklift Drum Lifter:

Using a forklift drum lifter, you may easily raise the drum containers and store them in any area or warehouse. The following are the benefits of using a forklift drum lifter.

Lifts Less Durable Plastic Drum:

Less durable plastic drums are more likely to be exploited and are more challenging to lift by hand. However, forkli

forklift drum lifter

forklift drum lifter

ft drum lifters make it simple to lift any plastic drum. They will provide easy movement of the drums and avoid slippage.

By using forklift drum attachments to assist the difficult operation of lifting large drums, it is possible to increase efficiency while reducing the risk of worker damage or accident.

You can reduce worker accidents by employing forklift drum attachments as well as no make sure of no wastage of product.

Enhances Efficiency:

Forklift drum lifters save a substantial amount of time, which allows the employees to accomplish the operation more rapidly. Furthermore, machines accomplish jobs flawlessly and without spilling, enhancing overall productivity.

Heavy Drums Lifting:

There are two types of drum lifters.

  • A standard drum lifter attaches to the top of the drum using a clamp. The clamp secures the drum’s base while providing the drum with sufficient lift to be picked up. Standard forklift drum lifters normally come in single-drum or double-drum variants. A double-drum lift will lift two drums at the same time.
  • Another style of forklift drum lifter clamps the drum to the side. Similar to a standard lifter, the clamp drum lifter has a sheath that covers the forklift’s tines. The handles of the clamp close and grab the drum as the forklift is moved forward; when the drum is lifted, the clamp locks under the rolling hoop.

Additional Security:

The third kind of forklift drum lifter has a clamp that may be locked eccentrically around the drum to secure it. An extra safety catch aids in preventing unintended discharge. But in contrast to other types, this one requires the driver to get out of the car to lock and open the safety lock.


Forklift drum lifters are very useful in lifting the drums. You can easily lift any size or weight of the drum with the help of a forklift drum lifter which makes your job easier and safer.

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