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What are the causes of Insomnia?

by Uneeb Khan
What are the causes of Insomnia

Lack of sleep and insomnia is becoming more popular. While there are so many reasons for it, in this article we shall quickly take a look at the most popular insomnia causes.  If you have been struggling to find the dream sleep for days, you might have wondered What can I do to sleep?  And can it be treated with simple natural means?

This is a prey much coon question and luckily its sand is positive.  If you are at Holief, you have the privilege to choose the products such as roll-ons, drops, creams or gummies that help in insomnia and related issues. But before using that, it is important to know what causes insomnia in the first place.

What promotes insomnia?

Insomnia is the lack of sleep in simpler terms. It’s a sleep disorder and is affecting more than 35% of men and women. Although it has so many reasons to it, the best part is you can address it and the disorder is treatable. It’s important to note that all insomnia or sleeping disorders are not the same, for instance, short-term insomnia and chronic insomnia. Here are the common reasons that increase sleeplessness in adults.


Stress is the major reason for many mental [problem and insomnia is among them. Stress can not only promote insomnia but also depression in adults. PTSD and other traumas can lead to stress and hence insomnia becomes the final result in general.


After a certain age, you may feel sleeplessness as a common factor. However, with the right medication and proper physical activity you can reduce that to the most.


Sleeping in late afternoon is something that disturbs the sleeping pattern and you may experience a lack of sleep during the night time.


Pregnancy certainly causes a huge bodily and hormonal change and has also caused insomnia. Moreover, restless leg syndrome or discomfort becomes a major reason for it.

Physical bodily pain, improper sleeping patterns

If you are suffering from any injury the pain could cause insomnia and that can persist till the pain can vanish. So unless you treat the body pain, the sleepless would be there.

Side effect of medications Neurological disorder

Certainly medication also promotes the side-effect in the form of insomnia. For example if you are taking up a medicine cause the result will be lack of sleep and discomfort. Additionally, brain related problems and disorders are also associated with insomnia to a major extent. For example dementia, Alzheimer’s and more brain issues promote lack in sleep or disturbed patterns.

Mental health disorder such as depression

As said before, if you are suffering from depression or some trauma effect that is taking over your health, it causes insomnia for sure. As it is said, a sound mind is a sound mind, it falls right for this. If you have clear mental health you have the better sleep at the end of the day.

Is insomnia treatable by holief products?

Due to the all-natural and plant-based inbreeding in the Holief’s products for a better sleep you can totally trust its approach. The products with powerful properties towards calming effects and relief from stress work wonderfully well and allow you to unwind a little more.

There are many products such as Night games mixed berries, sore-head roll-ons, and Holi sleep oral drops that work amazingly for deep sleeping. The major hemp extract in most of the sleeping Holief products with anxiolytic effects plays the major role to bring back the normal and better sleep to the one who is stuffing from insomnia.

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