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What are the different types of kitchen corner cabinets available?

by Uneeb Khan
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Accordion corner cabinet doors that open like an accordion create pie-shaped shelves for deep storage. They are a great option for storing spices and utensils. For cabinetry that requires a specialized function, kitchen designers may recommend voiding the corners. This is done to allow for a larger drawer bank. Another design idea is specifying a cabinet with lazy Susan accessories.

Base Corner Cabinets

Base corner cabinets are lower kitchen storage units that fit in the corners of an L-shaped or perpendicular line of cabinetry. When used with the proper storage accessories, these corner kitchen cabinets turn unused or “blind” corners into useful cabinet space.

To solve the issue of a hard-to-reach back corner area that isn’t penetrable via cabinet doors, most professional kitchen designers incorporate a blind corner base cabinet design that comes with a specialized pull-out accessory. The options for this type of cabinet include a polymer pie-cut lazy Susan, a full circle or semi-circle shelf unit that fits inside the cabinet and can be moved as needed, or even a swing-out drawer system for those with more voluminous items like mugs or cookware.

For upper-corner cabinets, the options for accessibility are less limited. Many homeowners choose to install tall, straight cabinets for their upper kitchen corner spaces instead of continuing the corners to create a custom look. These can work great for storing less-voluminous items that you don’t use on a daily basis.

Base Angle Corner Cabinets

Base-angle corner cabinets, also called pie-cut or square-cut cabinets, feature bifold doors that fit together at right angles and can be hinged on either the left or the right. They can be 33-36” wide and provide easy access to items like tin foil, serving ware, or Tupperware.

Another option is to install diagonal corner wall cabinets. They offer a unique look in the kitchen and work well when you need to store things that can be reached from all directions. They can be used as bases or uppers.

If you have perpendicular lines of cabinetry meeting in the corner, it can create dead space that is difficult to reach. One solution is to use a polymer pie-cut lazy susan to keep frequently used items within easy reach. This is an inexpensive and durable way to solve the problem. Other options include using a regular cabinet and simply not finishing it around the corner or installing an open shelf to gain accessibility. These are all great options to consider for your home improvement project.

Base Drawer Units

Kitchen corner cabinets that hold items like utensils or dishes can be tricky to access due to their location. A base drawer unit can eliminate this problem by allowing you to slide out your favorite dish or utensil. These units are built underneath kitchen counters or in a nook area and typically have doors that conceal a stack of pull-out pantry shelves.

A popular option amongst professional kitchen designers, the base blind corner cabinet, also known as a BBC, is commonly used in kitchen design and is a great choice for larger rooms. This cabinet is available with one door that opens full height or with a single door and a drawer. It is also available with left or right hinges and a 95-degree opening/hinge capability.

Lazy Susan Corner Cabinets

Having two perpendicular lines of cabinetry meeting in a corner can create a difficult-to-reach and hard-to-organize area. A lazy Susan cabinet, or base blind corner to kitchen designers, enables you to reclaim this space with independently rotating shelving that makes accessing items much easier.

The shelves on these cabinets are often made of plastic or wood and spin to make it easy to find what you’re looking for without digging through a dark corner. They’re an excellent storage solution to have in your pantry and are popular with homeowners who want an efficient, organized kitchen.

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For upper corner cabinets, some people choose to install a glass door to add a decorative element to their kitchen. Others may choose to leave them exposed and use the angled shelving to store mugs, bowls, and recipe books. These shelving solutions are great for farmhouse or industrial-style kitchens. They can also help increase property value as they’re a desirable feature for homebuyers.

Blind Corner Cabinets

A blind corner cabinet is where those lesser used items, like baking trays or cast off tupperware go. They are lower on the kitchen real estate totem pole than those much-used coffee cups or fine china so they tend not to get a lot of attention.

There are several ways to approach this type of storage. One is to install a cabinet filler between the blind corner and the cabinet running perpendicular to it. This creates a space for the door and drawer handles to open without interfering with each other.

Lastly, some installers will run a standard wall cabinet all the way to the corner and then remove the angled section that would normally be found in the middle of the cabinet. This creates a flat finish and may be more practical if the cabinets are being utilized as uppers rather than base cabinets.

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