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What are The Greatest Daily Stock Trading Approaches?

by Uneeb Khan
Stock Trading strategies

Are you a brand-new trader and wondering what would be the winning Stock Trading strategies? Above all, it is important to know that a trading strategy is a personalized method, a way in which you will carry out your trades without exception.

Many traders lose money when badly prepared bad trading operations. I am going to share with you the method that I have developed and that I use on a daily basis, as well as many other traders that I accompany.

It is important that you understand how it works. It can be very useful for you.

In my winning trading strategy, we will determine the buy and sell prices. We will specify when we will enter and exit positions. All scenarios will be established. It will also include everything that is risky.

Choose Which Time Unit to Adopt for Trading

There is no better unit of time than others. For any winning trading strategy, everyone has their own choices.

We can for example take Scalping. This is very short-term trading. In this case, the time unit with one tick can be 5 minutes at most.

I, my preference is for Swing Trading where there we are on a daily or weekly time unit. Positions are only held for a few days or even a week or a few weeks. You can find out the details of this type of trading in my swing trading training article.

Determine Which Market To Trade

There is a multitude of markets on the stock market. This ranges from the stock market index to commodities and currencies, from Forex to more traditional equities.

Find A Good Trading Strategy

Already, you have to understand the difference between a trading plan and a trading strategy. Often we can confuse the two. To fully understand the difference between these, do not hesitate to read my trading strategy article.

the Directional Trading strategy which aims to follow a market trend;

the Momentum Trading strategy basis d on the directional trend trading strategy but aims for an acceleration of the movement with more volume. In other words, it is based more on the volatility of the financial markets.

Value strategies where a position is taken based on the intrinsic value of all the elements that make up the company, whether stocks, competitive advantages and all its earnings prospects.

the strategy in Growth (Growth) where there we will invest in a company in strong growth.

What are good trading opportunities?

In my case, I will try to remain as generalist as possible but within my method, we mainly operate in Swing Trading.

In fact, in this trading strategy, the idea is going to be to use the right technical indicators to display on your charts. These are the ones that will give you solutions without overusing them and turning your graphics into a Christmas tree.

Why Apply Your Trading Plan Rigorously?

It should be understood that the trading plan is an essential aspect to increase the gains in the stock market of a trader. Not having a trading plan means taking the risk of acting randomly and relying entirely on luck.

We will see how the trading plan gives you structure and allows you to:

to set up a serious and rigorous routine;

and prevent you from operating emotionally to operate rationally instead.

Structuring your trades

When you apply a trading plan, it will allow you to decide:

when and how to get into position on an action;

when and how to get out of position.

Replace Emotions With Analysis

On the other hand, if you decide to sell when the action is moving, when you are already in position, then the price, the movements, the news can strongly influence your decisions and you will find yourself in situations:

much more random or tricky to manage;

and therefore potentially having much less success.

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