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What are the major differences between whiteboard and explainer videos?

by Uneeb Khan

In today’s era, videos are booming everywhere. They are popular among all ages people and watch them with great interest. Videos provide a vast source of entertainment and education for the target audiences. Many businesses use videos in their marketing campaign strategy to increase their brand significance and showcase their products to customers. Due to the rise of animation videos, marketers have a wide categorization of videos into various types. Among the huge variety of videos, whiteboard and explainer videos are surfacing on the top nowadays due to their distinct features and benefits to customers.

In this blog, we will discuss the major differences between whiteboard and explainer videos and reach a conclusion at the end. The conclusion will define the superiority of one over the other and recommend which one is best suitable for businesses in the future. First of all, we will begin with a whiteboard animation video.

Whiteboard Animation Video

A whiteboard animation video gives a static view of images on the screen. It allows an artist to show creativity and originality with a hand drawing. Hand sketches are traditional means of showing a simple idea to the audience and narrating the concept. It tells the complete story to the spectators with the help of drawing and grabs their core attention.

Whiteboard animation is an effective tool for businesses. It is an excellent way for companies to advertise their brands and publicize their products to the customers. An artist can deliver the right message to the audience and cater to a broad range of niche professions.

Uses and Benefits

Whiteboard animation is a brilliant idea for businesses to integrate into their marketing campaign strategy. It is a profitable investment for companies to use whiteboard videos for their product promotion. Organizations can include a whiteboard video to their website’s home page, social media platforms, and email newsletter. They can also use it as a PowerPoint or SlideShare presentation to give a compelling experience to customers and get their perfect understanding of the product to buy quickly. A whiteboard animation uses an original script idea to transform it into real-time action. It includes a powerful call to action in a video and delivers a strong visual message to the audience.

Creates Engagement

An ideal benefit of whiteboard animation is engagement. It provides a robust engagement to the audience and catches their attention. Choosing a whiteboard animation is an excellent idea to turn a boring concept into an interesting one. It captivates the focus on visitors within seconds and hooks their eyes to the screen to watch an entire video.

Inspires Visitors to Take Action

Whiteboard videos are wonderful ways to inspire visitors to take immediate action. They influence the minds and senses of people and impress them to make their decision to buy. Whiteboard videos are impressive and expressive at the same time. They show the expression with images and leave a lasting impression on the customers.

Establishes an Emotional Bond

The bonding of whiteboard animation is really strong. It triggers sentiments and evokes the inner feelings of the audience. Using a whiteboard video is a straightforward way to connect with visitors and build a long-term and durable relationship with them.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are primarily used for explaining a complex idea of a product to customers in a simple way. They reflect the core concepts of your business and reveal the purpose, and objective. Mission, background, and futuristic vision to the customers. Companies appoint explainer video animation experts to explain the detail of their business. They illustrate their fundamental ideas and define the features and benefits of products to the clients.

Purpose of Explainer Videos

A primary purpose of explainer videos is to fulfill the goals of a business. They must address a specific problem and provide a valuable yet logical solution to the target audience. Explainer videos aim to increase the click-through rates CTR and decrease the bounce rate to drive leads and generate conversions.

Uses and Benefits

There can be numerous uses of explainer videos such as explaining a software product to the customers or enlightening a wealth of knowledge students in a science class through a practical demonstration of projects. Education is one of the prime sectors of explainer videos to educate students and provide them with the finest quality of well-researched information. The information should be original and authentic with solid proof of evidence. Various other sectors can also use explainer videos in their marketing campaigns such as health, finance, and information technology.

Benefits of using Explainer Videos for Businesses

Explainer videos offer a multitude of advantages for businesses. A few of them are described below for the readers.

Saves Time and Money

Explainer videos save time and money. They are short-length videos that catch the audience’s attention in a few seconds and build strong engagement with the target customers. Customers have no time to sit back and watch hours of videos. It makes them feel bored and they lose interest in a video. Explainer videos retain their interest and capture their core focus in watching a video till the end.

Ranks Well in Search

Google loves explainer videos and ranks them well in a search listing. It pushes the keywords and promotes the ranking status on the first page and top position of google. They appear as a rich snippet of a video on the search for a particular keyword term.

Boosts the Visitor’s Traffic

Explainer videos give a dynamic appeal to visitors. They extend the longer stay of visitors on a video and boost the value of traffic for a business. They generate leads and elevate conversions to increase sales and revenues. The rise in revenue will result in a higher return on investment ROI for a company.

Bottom Line

All in all, the above-mentioned are the major differences between whiteboard and explainer videos. Whiteboard animation is a cost-effective way of using hand-drawn sketches to give a crisp and sharp view of a product to customers. On the other hand, an explainer video is an excellent means of explaining a complex idea in a simplified manner to make it clearly understood by the target audience.

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