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What is the Best Flooring for Kids and Pets

Parents and pet owners are concerned while choosing the right flooring for their home that needs to be comfortable for their kids and paw friends. It should be water-resistant and scratch-resistant flooring in order for them to be comfortable while playing or doing their interesting activities. Our wooden flooring in Dubai provides safe and comfortable flooring for kids and pets. Let’s discuss What is the Best Flooring for Kids & Pets?

Best Flooring Choices for Kids and Pets

Some of the impeccable flooring options for parents and pet owners are listed in this blog. 

Vinyl Flooring

One of the adaptable flooring options you could ever find is luxury vinyl flooring. It is accessible in luxury vinyl tile, and luxury vinyl planks, in a variety of patterns and colors. They are exceptionally very easy to clean. You can choose the type of flooring according to your interests and requirements. Waterproof flooring helps in easy maintenance. Additionally, they are stain and scratch resistant which is a perfect floor match for your kids and pets to protect them against stains and spills. Note that, the vinyl planks and tile can dull in the long run. Tone and color changes are commonly seen in many types of flooring.   

Hardwood Flooring

The reputation of hardwood floors is that they are prone to nicks and scratches. Part of it is actually true for many of the hardwood floors. Some parents and pet owners still choose hardwood flooring according to their looks. But you can choose a type of hardwood that ranks high on the Janka Hardness Scale. Ratings below 850 are supposed to be softwood and rating above 1250 is considered to be hardwood. 

Some of the impeccable hardwood floorings include cherry, walnut, sycamore, maple, oak, and many more. These types of woods have a high score on the Janka scale which is categorized under scratch-resistant flooring. Chestnut, fir, pine, etc comes under softwood flooring which can be difficult to maintain with pets’ scratch and daily wear of kids. You can choose specially coated hardwood floors that make the floors more resistant to water, stain, and scratch. 

Cork Flooring 

This type of flooring is one of the favorite picks of nature lovers. It is a naturally eco-friendly and antimicrobial type of flooring, so don’t worry about the microbes that might live on the floors. Cork is malleable and soft which can make the kid’s feet and paws of fur friends comfortable. It is also convenient to maintain and clean. You don’t have to be mad at your pet if they made an accident. Because of the malleable quality of cork which brings soothe surface but in fact can be vulnerable to scratch from pieces of furniture that heavy.  

Stone Tiles

They are versatile, sleek, and trendy flooring option that remains in style all the time. You can easily wipe out the liquid and other spills from the floor without any high concern. This hard and durable surface is scratch resistant and is a good choice for pet owners. It will be just the same even after years pass. It is not that soft and doesn’t promote warmth in the space. You can add carpets and rugs in these spaces which makes it more convenient.  


This type of flooring often looks like tile or hardwood but is cheap in comparison. It is one of the cost-effective solutions for families with pets and young kids. It is conveniently easy to clean and resistant to water fairly and don’t let the water spill stay there longer. Laminate flooring comes with comfort so your pet can rest wherever they want. It suits well in the hallways, basement, kitchen, bedroom, and living room. Moreover, scratches won’t be normally an aspect to be concerned about unless you have a very active pet or the one with large claws can leave marks if not given attention. Our laminate flooring in Dubai can provide you with one of the best floorings for kids and pets. 

Oak Flooring

Oak flooring brings the ultimate classic look to the flooring. It is naturally resistant to wear and tear as well as long-lasting owing to its sturdy texture and material qualities. The wood tones and hues certainly add to the beauty of your home decor. Oak has got a hard surface, you can place rugs and carpets to add softness making it comfortable for the kids and pets to do their activities.  

To sum it up, choosing a floor that goes along with your interests and requirements can be challenging. Flooring brings ambiance and adds beauty to the elements of home decor. Other than the design element, one has to choose flooring that is durable, safe, and can be trusted in the long run. It can be additionally difficult if you have kids or paw friends. Consult with experts in flooring in Dubai for the aspects to note while searching for the right type of flooring according to your interests. 

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