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What Is The Difference Between One-On-One Vs. Group UCAT Tutoring?

by Uneeb Khan

When you enter the medical admission process, you face many hurdles. One of the major hindrances is UCAT preparation. It is not a child game; only extraordinary students achieve a high score. Also, there are some factors that you should understand for proper practice. The most prominent is the selection between one-on-one or group UCAT tutoring. This article will tell you the best method for UCAT preparation by comparing two teaching methods.

1. A Teacher-Student Class Vs Class Lecture

In one-on-one class, only a student and a teacher communicate with each other. You can manage your time according to your availability. While in group classes, a teacher has to control multiple students. Also, you have to follow the timing with other students.

2. Focus on a Student Vs Many Students

The one-on-one class has an advantage over group UCAT tutoring since the teacher has to focus on a single student. He can equip his student with the significant study material in a better way. Also, a student cannot divert his focus on other things. However, the divided focus on numerous students during a group lesson makes it difficult for a teacher to manage a whole class.

3. Low Vs More Chances of Disturbance

While communicating with a single student, a teacher feels comfortable because there are significantly fewer chances of disturbance compared to group lectures. And a UCAT tutor can get disturbed while solving many students’ problems during group lessons. Also, a student can lose concentration due to talking and the mischievous behavior of others.

4. Easy Vs Hesitated Conversation

Some students feel uncomfortable in group lectures and hesitate to communicate with a teacher when they have questions. These students require favorable circumstances for better preparation for UCAT. The relaxing atmosphere is available in the form of one-on-one lectures. You can freely intercommunicate with your teacher here.

5. Less Vs More Time Consuming

When you talk about group class, be ready to consume more time. A UCAT tutor talks to numerous trainees with multiple questions during group lectures. Also, a teacher waits for all students to take attendance, which is time-consuming. However, a single student consumes less time in one-on-one class for a study and question session overall. Therefore, group lessons are more time taking.

6. Which is Better, One-on-one or Group UCAT Tutoring?

After a detailed discussion, we conclude that students can learn better for excellent performance in UCAT only during one-on-one lectures because they are more inviting than group lessons. It would be best if you chose a well-known academy with one-on-one lessons for UCAT tutoring.

7. The Future Medic: Best for One-on-one UCAT Lectures

In the UK, the most suitable academy for UCAT preparation is The Future Medic. Their professional British Doctors have been preparing their students for a long time. Their UCAT course packages start from £100. The Future Medic is the only institute that helps students secure seats in their Dreamline medical universities. So, please take a deep breath, visit their website, and book a course of your interest with them.

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