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What is underperforming content and how to improve it?

by Niazi Pathan

Learn how to improve performance without having to create new material

If you produce content for the internet, you know how difficult it is to maintain engagement. Understanding how social media algorithms or search engines work is constant work, which often requires daily or high-frequency posts or content. To find out how social networks or search engines deliver content, you need to be patient, especially with failures.

Failures are when content does not have good engagement, this is not always the fault of those who produce the content. If a material produced does not perform well, it does not mean that it is lost, it can be reused and improved with some SEO tips, which, in addition to helping to create new content, can generate more engagement for old content.

In the topic below, there are tips on how to reuse posts that did not have the expected engagement. There are posts ranging from texts, photos and videos, all material that was produced for the internet. It is not necessary to delete and lose what has already been produced because it can be used in a different way.


It depends a lot on the platform the video will be posted on. This is relevant because algorithms work differently, so the same video can be used on diverse websites and social networks, but a different approach is also needed. For example, an SEO technique for a YouTube video will not be the same technique for an Instagram video.

Both Youtube and Instagram offer the option of short videos. On Youtube they are called shorts and on Instagram they are called reels. Despite being a very similar format, the way they are engaged is not the same.

If a video doesn’t get good engagement on Youtube, then it is necessary to change the title, using keywords that are found within the video or in the video description. It is important to repeat the keywords so that the algorithm delivers the video to whoever is looking for it. When the keyword is used in connection between the title and the description, it reinforces the importance and relevance of the video.

On Instagram, engagement will depend on the time and type of audience you want to approach. The use of keywords are not so relevant on Instagram, but hashtags are very important and can occupy the keyword space.

Pictures and illustrations  

The images or illustrations do not engage alone, it is necessary to invest in the description. If there was a post of images that did not have the expected engagement, they can be recovered if they are shared after editing the descriptions.

Descriptions must be in accordance with the purpose of the image or illustration. For example, if it is a beach image, it is necessary to reinforce the term beach in the description and things related to the beach, such as vacations and summer, but as long as it has to do with the proposal.


Texts are the most practical way to insert keywords, they are also the fastest way. They can be re-edited to suit the needs of the audience and algorithms. For example, in a text that has French cuisine as its main theme, it is necessary to reinforce the term “French cuisine” and also things related to it. It is important not to deviate from the subject.

The lack of cohesion with the change of theme is not the only reason why a text does not engage, it is necessary to understand on which platform it should appear. As stated earlier, algorithms work differently depending on the platforms. If it is a text for a blog or website, then the algorithms of search engines like Google and Bing must be taken into account.

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