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What To Do If Your Social Security Disability Claim Was Rejected?

by Zain Ali

If you experienced a permanent disability after an accident or your injury reduced your capacity to work as you used to, then you might be eligible for a Social Security disability fund. This fund provides financial support to people who have experienced a significant reduction in their earning capacity in an accident. However, unfortunately not everyone’s claim is accepted. 

If you consider yourself eligible for the fund, but it was rejected, then you should hire a social security disability lawyer to help you with the case. Here is everything you should do after your claim is rejected by the Social Security Department. 

1. Find Out The Reason For Rejection

The first thing to do after getting a rejection letter from the Social Security Administration is to find out the reason for rejection. You should carefully review the claim rejection letter and understand the specific reasons mentioned for the claim. 

If your claim was rejected because you failed to provide enough evidence to prove yourself disabled, or your application was incomplete, you can reapply for the claim. However, if the reason for denial is vague, you should strategize your next steps. 

2. File An Appeal

After your claim is rejected by the Social Security Department, you should know that you have a limited time to file an appeal and fight against the decision. Make sure that you hire a personal injury attorney right away who can help you file an appeal. 

Make sure that you submit all the necessary documentation within the specified period. Missing the deadline might jeopardize your right to win the case. 

You should not pursue the Social Security claim rejection case by yourself as it might not give you access to your rights. Make sure that you hire an experienced attorney to fight for your case. A lawyer who is not only experienced but also actively practices social security disability cases can help you win the case.

A lawyer can provide you with the legal advice that you might need in this case. Your lawyer will help you reapply the claim with the right procedure. 

4. Gather Medical Evidence

Make sure that you get yourself completely checked by a medical professional and gather all the reports to provide evidence that you are worthy of a disability fund. 

Make sure that you are undergoing the treatment suggested by your doctor. A complete medical record can provide the required evidence to apply for a Social Security disability claim. 

5. Prepare For A Trial

Make sure that you prepare yourself for the trial if your rejection decision is not reversed otherwise. You will be given a chance for a hearing in front of an administrative law judge. 

Make sure that you utilize this opportunity for your benefit with the help of your lawyer. Review Your case file and organize all the relevant documents. You should also try to find expert witnesses for your case who can testify for you and help you get your rightful claim. 

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