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What Tools Do E Home Movers Use?

by Uneeb Khan

There is a good reason to hire a professional moving company, and it’s not just because of our tough, well-trained crew members. You can only complete the move efficiently with the truck you borrowed from a friend if it has the proper moving supplies.

Moving to a small city apartment or a large suburban house has its challenges. Fortunately, E Home Mover has the resources to manage them. Relocating can take more time and effort than necessary if you need the best moving supplies. Here are some of the moving equipment and supplies we use to ensure a smooth relocation:

Dolly, with only two wheels

This simple dolly only weighs a few pounds. Whenever a relocation is required, the first thing to get is this essential moving supply. Quickly load or unload large items like furniture, boxes, and other bulky items.

Use of Lifting Equipment

You should keep hope even if an armoire or a mattress is too big to fit through the front door. Our crew can wrap the piece and manually hoist it through the window using only their muscle power and these straps. Getting things to the second or third floor is fine for our crew. Here is an example of a furniture hoist in action.

Cart with four wheels, crates, and storage bins

A four-wheeled dolly is commonly used for moves involving a long walk or elevator, with the crew filling bins or crates with boxes and small pieces. This reduces the number of trips required to transport the crew’s cargo and allows them to move more than they could otherwise. While simple in appearance, this item has many uses and is considered one of the more inventive moving supplies.

Wheeled Cart for Transporting Large Appliances

With this specialized dolly, the crew can safely and efficiently move large appliances like refrigerators and stoves.


Does your front door require a step or stoop to access it? Crew members can use wheel dollies thanks to a temporary ramp on top of the stairs. The crew will always lay down a ramp leading into the truck so that you can step easily into the truck while they load your belongings.

Jack of all Trades, Pallet

A pallet jack can be found in some vehicles and is used to load heavier objects like safes and machinery.

Piano Pedal

A piano needs this device to be transported securely. The piano is held up by the end and the board. The board has handles for portability and slots for straps to hold the piano in place.

Gear Bag

Our staff is equipped with a basic tool set to disassemble and reassemble furniture such as beds, dining room tables, and more at the request of our customers. These tools are some of our most valuable resources because they allow us to handle any issue that may arise during your move, no matter how complicated.


Our trucks, of course, are the most vital piece of machinery we own. Our fleet includes straight trucks, tractor-trailers, and smaller cube trucks that TheMoveMe can handle any size relocation. Each truck has the above tools, supplies, extra packing boxes, and other moving essentials.

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