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Which cryptocurrency wallet is best for USDC?

by Uneeb Khan

Other than Tether, USD Coin is also a top stablecoin having a total supply of 51.2 Billion. The digital currency comes 5th in being the most valuable asset pegged with USD. Also known as USDC, the stablecoin plays a vital role in the crypto market on the global front. Like other cryptocurrencies, you might also be interested in knowing about the best cryptocurrency wallet for USDC. 

Having the quality to withstand market volatility, this crypto wallet is much preferred by traders as an asset for a hedge against volatility, as a store of value, and also as an exchange medium. All these qualities make USDC a convenient and valuable pick for generating a stable yield. Today we are going to list down the USDC wallets to help you in picking the right choice for a cryptocurrency wallet for storing USDC Coins in 2022. 

Choosing the best cryptocurrency wallet for USDC

Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S is the best-known wallet for USDC. This advanced hardware wallet facilitates its users with the security of digital assets and is one of the top ones to store USD coins. This cryptocurrency wallet lets the storage of digital assets and private keys for users. It is affordable in comparison to other hardware wallets. The availability of automatic backup is there to store back lost wallets.


MetaMask comes as another best USD digital wallets to let users sell, buy, and receive cryptocurrencies. This cryptocurrency wallet also lets customization of transaction fees. Being an open-source software, it can be accessed across numerous systems on a wider scale. It can even be used anonymously since it does not ask for your personal information. 


Zengo comes as one of the top wallets for storing USD coins. This non-custodial wallet is the best to refer to due to its in-built user interface. This cryptocurrency wallet lets direct purchases of cryptocurrencies via the application. You can even make the best use of credit/debit cards for all purchases. In case you encounter an issue, then there is an availability of customer support services 24/7.

Mentioning other advantages, Zengo comes with heavily encrypted biometric technology. Also, there are no hassles in its setup. The seed phrases can be easily recovered by the users and it is all because the data gets saved by Zengo’s server. Hence, at the time of breaking devices or getting stolen, the wallet of the user can be recovered. 


These are the 3 top options for USDC wallets. You can choose any cryptocurrency wallet among these given options. To know more about the Luno USDC savings wallet log on to its official website and get to know all about its features and also the steps to add a Luno savings wallet. 

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