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Which is the Best Computer Book for Class 9?

by Uneeb Khan
Understanding Computer Applications with BlueJ class 9

Are you a student of class 9 wanting to know which book is best for preparing for a school exam? You have clicked the right link. In this blog, you will learn all the details about Understanding Computer Applications with BlueJ class 9. This book is written by Vijay Kumar Pandey and Dilip Kumar Dey, who have simplified the topics for better understanding, and the book follows the ICSE curriculum. In addition, this book’s simple language helps students learn the basics of developing computer applications.

Chapters Included in Computer Applications with BlueJ Class 9

Computers have become an inevitable part of the modern world. No sector is running without the assistance of computers. To align with this system, students need to have adequate knowledge of the subject.

This book has ten chapters, with two sample papers for practice purposes. To get an authentic copy of the book, you must purchase it from the best online bookstore India.

Here are all the chapters covered in this book:

1. Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Concepts

Here you will explore the fundamentals of object-oriented programming. Additionally, this chapter will give you an introduction to the Java programming language. This chapter is the starting point for all subsequent chapters discussed in this book, and you must understand this chapter before moving to other topics.

2. Elementary Concept of Objects and Classes

You will discover how to model entities and their behaviour via objects in this chapter.

3. Values and Data Types

It is a crucial chapter in class 9 computer applications. Here you will learn about values and types of data. You will learn more about the data formats for various variables and the ASCII values of each character.

4. Operators in Java

In this chapter, you will learn everything about the different operators used in the Java programming language.

5. Input in Java

This chapter will teach you about providing inputs while building Java programmes. Additionally, you’ll learn about parameters and initialising programmes.

6. Mathematical Library Methods

The second most crucial ability to develop to improve your programming abilities is the knowledge of mathematical libraries. In this chapter, you will learn about the introduction to Java language and packaging.

7. Conditional Statements in Java

The Java language’s conditional statements are crucial while creating programmes or writing codes. You can better learn how to code logic by using conditional statements. This chapter teaches you to build and improve your logical reasoning.

8. Iterative constructs in Java

Here you will study loops or iterations in programming. You must thoroughly understand all topics discussed in this chapter because awareness of the various iterations involved in each programme is vital to writing codes or programmes. This chapter also includes descriptions of the programmes and other looping statement types.

9. Nested for Loops

This chapter explains the nested for loops concept using different examples for your better understanding.

10. Computing and Ethics

It is the last content of this book. Here you will learn the importance and reasons for learning all the previous chapters. This topic is entirely related to ethical issues in the computing field.


After covering all the chapters of this book, you must consider solving the sample papers provided at the end of the book. These papers are based on the exam pattern and enhance your preparation to score good marks. So if you are searching for a book that helps strengthen your computer knowledge thoroughly, you must go for Understanding Computer Applications with BlueJ class 9.

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