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Which President Banned Christmas Trees

by Uneeb Khan
Which President Banned Christmas Trees

The Christmas tree was once a solid piece of Christmas tradition. However, environmental concerns have recently brought the Christmas tree under fire.

Although environmentalists have settled the debate over fake Christmas trees vs. real ones, it started long ago.

Which President has banned Christmas trees

Many things are associated with President Theodore Roosevelt. He was a powerful speaker, had a strong personality, and was a staunch supporter of American imperialism (oof… OK, skip that one).

He was one of the first to advocate for environmentalism. He was also a strong advocate for wildlife conservation and preservation.

He was crucial in establishing the Endangered Species Act and the National Park Service. However, he wasn’t a fan of the Christmas tree.

Roosevelt banned the Christmas tree from promoting conservation.

It is hard to believe that such a man, such an example of conservation, would allow a tree to be cut down to decorate his home. Despite his conservationist tendencies, this is not the case.

The former President did not hesitate to hunt for sport and kept trophies from his kills to decorate his library, reading area, or the hallowed halls at the American Natural History Museum.

Some even claim that Roosevelt’s passion for hunting prompted him to take action to protect endangered species.

He was passionate about the natural world and worried that logging, mining, and other destructive practices would continue unabated. Wild animals would not be able to survive, so he could no longer hunt.

Are Christmas trees still being put up today?

According to the Forest History Society of America, homes in 19th century America didn’t usually put up Christmas trees unless they had young children.

Many presidents who chose one — for example, Presidents Grant, Cleveland, and Benjamin Harrison — did so because there were children or grandchildren. Santa had to have somewhere to store his presents.

However, Roosevelt’s presidential predecessor William McKinley received many letters in 1899, just a few years before Roosevelt assumed office.

As the letters stated, this inundation of imploring was to “discourage this practise of arboreal insecticide.” Roosevelt, however, apparently did not have one during his tenure.

Is the Forest Service responsible?

Yes, in a sense. Roosevelt opposed destructive lumbering practices.

This is logical for many reasons. Not the least because Congress had just passed the Forest Reserve Act and the Forest Management Act a few years before his election.

However, Roosevelt did not seem to have singled out harvesting Christmas trees.

Theodore Roosevelt Bans Christmas Tree in The White House

Theodore Roosevelt banned Christmas trees from the White House to set an example for his country. Roosevelt believed that Christmas caused too many trees to be chopped down.

Theodore Roosevelt began this tradition of not using Christmas trees in 1902.

According to The Sun newspaper, the President and his family would celebrate Christmas with their families by exchanging gifts. However, there won’t be a Christmas tree in the White House.

However, the President did not want a tree. His youngest son, Quentin, had other plans. With the help of White House staff, Roosevelt’s youngest children, Archibald and Quentin, did get a Christmas tree.

They were assisted by White House staff to cut down a small fir from the grounds and then hid it in a closet.

They also decorated the tree with lights. The children surprised their parents with a Christmas tree and small gifts on Christmas Day.

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