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Which Type Of Outfits Go Well With Scarves? For Womens

by Uneeb Khan
Black shawl uk

A simple and formidable trick to give you instant style: make your shoes visible . Do not hide them under jeans or pants that are too wide and too long. In other words, bare your ankles, roll up your jeans, wear 7/8 lengths, dresses, and skirts and Black shawl uk .

The list of types of shoes is long , I have dedicated an article for each of them or almost. Go to the shoes section of the blog to discover them one by one and get an idea of ​​which ones you prefer to wear if you are still hesitating: pumps, ankle boots, low boots, chelsea boots, sneakers/trainers, ballerinas, boots, waders, moccasins, derbies, salomés, babies, espadrilles, sandals, flip flops.

To sum up, the shoe is ultimately much more than an accessory!


The interest of jewelry is to give you touches of style on several places of your silhouette . Whether discreet or not, they express your personality and your unique style. They give aura to your outfits, they dress them up and transcend them. To find out how to wear them well, go further down in the article.
I advise you to choose your favorite metal , the one you prefer to wear and stick to it to have a coherent style: gold or silver. Personally, I’ve only worn gold for years. This allows me to create associations more easily.

The Rings

Whether fine or more imposing, the rings dress your fingers with delicacy . Your hands will be transformed. To try them is to adopt them.

The earrings

Whether they’re small like studs or bigger like hoops or sleepers, earrings instantly brighten up your face and give you a pretty complexion . Again, try and you will not be able to do without it.

The Bracelets

The bracelets dress your wrists nicely . You can wear them with your favorite watch (quality of course and in your favorite metal), or on the other wrist alone or accompanied for a stylish accumulated effect. You have the choice between: thin bracelets, bangle bracelets of more or less thin or more or less thick width, or the cuff. The latter is a thicker bracelet that will give a lot of character to your outfit.


In the category of necklaces, all tastes are in nature as well. They highlight your bust and chest . You can wear a discreet thin necklace, a thicker necklace or a breastplate that dresses your bust in a more imposing way.

Hair Jewelry

Your hair also has the right to be accessorized. I advise you to opt for sobriety thanks to fine head jewelry in your favorite metal . There are different models, it’s up to you to choose the ones you like the most. You can add them to a ponytail, a half ponytail; or in a barrette to hold one or two strands of hair and open your face.


Hats dress your face and give elegance to your head wear . And do not believe that it is imperative to have a hat head to wear one. Besides, what exactly is a hat head? This expression has always appealed to me. If you search, you will necessarily find the model made for you .

I advise you to opt for a basic color so that you can easily associate it with all your outfits. Avoid the automatism of black, there are other softer options for your complexion such as camel, beige, brown, or even burgundy . If you can’t find your way around the colors, I suggest you read the article on ‘how to wear colors well to have style’?

The Felt Hat

The hat of the fall-winter season par excellence, felt will give you elegance and style in addition to protecting you from the cold and bad weather . I advise you to opt for a basic color like camel, brown, beige or burgundy . Black is an option too, but avoid wearing it with a black outfit in this case. Choose quality, wool . You can find two models :

the fedora which is worn rather pushed down on the forehead and straight or slightly forward. Its edges are a bit wide.

the trilby which is worn a little more on the back of the head and whose edges are shorter.

They both hold a band of fabric around their circumference, most often of a color close to the color of the hat.

The Straw Hat

Similar to felt, the straw hat is a summer and vacation hat . Opt for a Panama hat braided in ivory palm and most often provided with a black ribbon. It has a lot of allure, it is worn sunken and slightly inclined.

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