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Why Bingo is so Great for Those in Finance

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Why Bingo is so Great for Those in Finance

Bingo is a popular game that has fans from all walks of life. While this might sound surprising, it is especially true of the many online versions of bingo, meaning this it has crossed what many might see as the traditional boundaries and is no longer the preserve of older ladies.

So, in reality, the fanbase now stretches right across the board, with some players finding the skills they find useful in their 9-5 jobs making them a perfect fit for the game. Right near the top of that list are the people who work in finance.


Planning and strategy are a vital part of playing bingo. Knowing how many cards to buy in each game can be important, especially if the price of the cards might outstrip any winnings you might make in a game. You will need to look at the ‘house’ playout as well as the prizes for getting first and second lines, and weigh up how much you are willing to invest at any one time for the best return.


In the same way that getting in and out of an investment at the right time is a key to success in finance, timing when to play a bingo online game can be an important part of any player’s strategy too. Online bingo games run 24/7, so clearly some will have more players than others. By picking the times when there are just a few players in the lobby, you can increase your chances of winning. Naturally, the prizes on offer are likely to be smaller, but making small and steady gains might also be a principle that those in the world of finance will be familiar with.


Planning is also very important. You might want to spend some time researching when the lobby is quietest (it can be mid-morning in some territories and during the evening in others). You might want to just sit and watch games for a while by just buying one card and seeing what happens across the different number of balls (this will be different where in the world you are playing but will most likely be 75 or 90). As you would expect, the planning for each game can be very different.

You also need to look at the prizes available. You might find that the main prize might be a holiday or a car or something else you might not be the slightest bit interested in, and instead, you could be playing a game elsewhere that has a simple cash prize with not too many players.

At first glance, it might seem like the world of finance and a game of online bingo have nothing in common, but on closer examination, you will find this is not the case. The fact that you need those key elements of planning, research, strategy, and timing to be successful in both areas shows why the two areas have much more in common than you might think.

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