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Why Cable and Pipe Seals Matter for Green Energy

by Uneeb Khan

We’re in a position where yesterday’s energy solutions no longer cut it and tomorrow’s energy solutions are still being invented. We spent a lot of time focusing on the big picture, but what about the core pieces of technology that are making green energy possible?

Our energy solutions are rapidly evolving and that means we need multi-cable transits that can stand up to these new demands.

Here’s why cable and pipe seals are making the difference when it comes to the transition to green energy.

What Are Multi Cable Transits?

Cable and pipe sealing devices are the unsung heroes of the green energy movement. These systems allow highly-efficient wind farms, nuclear energy, and vital energy infrastructure to operate more efficiently than ever before.

Multi cable transits are a modular type of cable gland. They allow multiple pipes or cables to penetrate through a surface while still providing a complete seal.

These are utilized to prevent hazards including fire, vermin, and even reduce the risk of explosion. These cable transits are also water and air tight to the point where they’re used by Leading universities in their clean rooms.

Here are some of the impacts they’re having in green energy.

Offshore Wind Farms and Cable Seals

High-end cable transits, like those made by Roxtec, are currently being used in dozens of wind farms across the world.

These pipe and cable seals are used to seal the pipes and cables penetrating generator housings and switch rooms. They allow for modular design that can be responsive as cable and piping needs change over time.

This means you can route new cables, new wires, and new pipes without having to install a new cable gland or make structural changes to your infrastructure.

This efficiency represents massive overhead savings and a higher efficiency rate for the evolving offshore wind farm industry.

Keeping Offshore Wind Substations Functional

These cable transits are also used to fully seal power converter cabinets, cranes, and even grid substations for offshore energy.

These energy solutions are becoming one of the most vital aspects of our green energy future and modular cable glands allow them to be responsive to change while staying perfectly sealed.

Keeping Current Energy Infrastructure Working

Part of moving towards green energy means solving some of today’s most challenging infrastructure problems.

This is where cable transits come into play. Flooded cable trenches shut down countless substations every year. Modular cable glands that can stay water sealed under immense pressure allow the substations to function even during unpredictable weather situations.

Nuclear Energy, Cable Transits, and Green Energy

Modular cable glands are also ready to handle some of the most demanding and high security energy environments. Nuclear energy has the potential to revolutionize a safe, green energy future. In order to accomplish this goal, it needs cable glands that can meet these challenging demands

Why Cable Transits Matter for Green Energy

Roxtec cable glands green energy solutions to stay responsive to the changing standards of this industry as well as the evolving demands of our future energy needs.

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