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Why Content Writers Have a Word Counter in Their Checklist?

by Uneeb Khan

Are you a professional content writer? To improve the effectiveness of writing, you will need to have a checklist of tools. Of course, you already use Grammarly and plagiarism checker tools. However, to stay productive, you have to consider utilizing a word counter before using these tools. Get to know that to stick with the word count and excel in your writing, a word counter is one of the crucial tools writers should be aware of. So, being a content writer, choose a free word counter online that is very user-friendly to determine the number of words. 

Here, let’s check out the importance of having a word counter in a content writer’s checklist. 

#1 Helps You to Have Control in Your Writing

A content writer is not supposed to exceed the number of words for any type of content. It’s because only if the writer stays up within the word limit can they increase their productivity. So, word counters are the best companion when writing or refreshing the content. This means that for every write-up, using word counters helps to have control over your content and build a positive impression of the brand. 

Fortunately, using the authentic check word counter tool, you can have control and well-organize your writing. It lets you accurately track your writing and won’t cross your word limit. You can even better determine the number of words in the introduction, subtitles, and conclusion. Therefore, you can avoid writing content that is not worthy. 

#2 Your Website Gets the Attention It Wants

Being a writer, you will mainly focus on writing high-quality content for a website. You have to know that Google considers ranking high-quality and valuable content. While determining the website, word count will be one of the factors that you have to consider to ensure your content quality. 

Your word count should be within the limit for your website’s main page, service page, blog section, and other categories. Generally, Google ranks the website content that provides valuable information with a specific word count. Writing content less will not make your website page extraordinary and does not help rank your website at the top. So, keep an eye on the word count of your website with a free word count checker to maximize your SEO efforts. This makes your website shine and gets more traffic to your website. 

#3 Succeed With Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Have you created eye-appealing social media posts for your marketing efforts? Then, you have to keep an eye on its text length. It means a lot to keep count of words for your social media posts because there is a character limit for each social media post. 

Exceeding the word count will decrease the chances of the main text on your posts being shown to more users. The ideal character limit for Facebook posts is 250 characters, Twitter is 280 characters, and Google is 300 characters.

So, to understand the word count limit for each social media post, it is best to take advantage of the word counter tool. You can easily track accurate word count if you have written for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms. 

#4 Improves Readability Score

Every writer will make their writer-up for their readers. The content should be easy to read, clear, and concise to let everyone understand. Remember, if the content is hard to read, readers might not prefer it. Writing content that everyone can easily understand is by framing the short sentence. 

You have to know that to have a good balance in your writing, using a word counter is the best idea. Each section should be within a specific limit, from an introduction to headings to subheadings to a conclusion. To have control over your word count for each section, use the word counter tool more precisely.

#5 Maintain Content Structure

When it comes to writing website content, maintaining the content structure is more important to make it more appealing. For that, from header content to footer content, your word count should be within the limit. Make your website page more appealing, set the word limit for each section, and provide valuable information. It ranks websites better and drives more organic traffic.

Wrapping It Up

Now, you clearly understand how beneficial using a word counter tool for your write-ups is. Limiting the word count will let you provide valuable content to your audience. Thereby, you can improve the quality of your content and impress your readers. This will make them convert to your customers. 

To handle your content writing task, make sure to select the most authentic word counter and try it immediately. 

Do you have more information about the usage of a word counter tool? Here, share it to help the writer’s community to learn. Good Luck!

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