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Why It is Need to Become Microsoft Certified?

by Uneeb Khan

Microsoft certifications courses have become an important part of the IT industry. The Microsoft certifications are highly valuable and can add credibility to your resume. Currently, there are several Microsoft online courses available for different domains.

What are the Microsoft Courses Available?

Several Microsoft Courses are available, such as Fundamental, Associate, Expert, Developer, Specialist and Trainer. Depending on the level of certification, candidates can apply for a specific job role.

Fundamental: The Fundamental level courses test your basic knowledge and understanding of core concepts. This Microsoft course is suitable for entry-level job roles.

Microsoft Technology Associate: The associate-level Microsoft Courses have a slightly higher difficulty level. It tests your understanding of a particular domain and your practical skills. Therefore, these courses are highly preferred by those with a couple of years of experience working with Microsoft technology.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): The MCSA course is designed for beginners. Candidates are highly recommended to acquire an MCSA certificate before sitting for higher-level certification courses.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): The expert-level Microsoft Courses are necessary for applying to higher IT job roles. Generally, there are no prerequisites for taking this examination. However, in some cases, the candidate must have an associate-level certification to sit for the expert-level certification exam. In addition, to successfully clear this level of courses, the candidate should have much hands-on experience working with various Microsoft features and programs.

Microsoft Solutions Developer (MCSD): The developer-level Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) courses certify one’s ability to work as a designer and develop business applications. Those who want to be Microsoft Certified Solution Developers should be well-versed in using toolkits and various technologies of Microsoft.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): The Microsoft Office Specialist courses certify your skills to use Microsoft applications optimally. You can get a MOS certification in any of the following domains.

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT): The MCT courses are for those who want to train other professionals. The MCT courses are suitable only for those with extensive experience. 

What are the Categories for Microsoft Courses?

You can acquire a certificate from the following categories of Microsoft Online courses.

  1. Microsoft Cloud
  2. Microsoft Mobility
  3. Microsoft Data
  4. Microsoft Productivity
  5. Microsoft App Builder
  6. Microsoft Business Applications
  7. Core Infrastructure

Are Microsoft Online Courses Difficult?

Microsoft courses are categorised into three difficulty levels. All levels of courses require a certain level of understanding and practical skills. Therefore, candidates must apply according to their experience level.

  • Beginner: Candidates need a basic understanding of Microsoft technologies.
  • Intermediate: Some practical experience is necessary for courses of this level.
  • Advanced: Candidates must be thoroughly familiar with Microsoft technologies.

Are Microsoft Online Courses Beneficial?

Microsoft courses are highly beneficial for your career growth in the IT field. The various courses can teach you a lot about Microsoft technologies and help you employ them in the practical work environment.

  • Career Growth: A Microsoft online certification course can enhance your resume. Employers in the IT field are very likely to prefer those familiar with Microsoft’s various technologies. Therefore, having a Microsoft certification can ensure better career growth.
  • Enhanced Ability: The Microsoft courses are designed to teach you the skills necessary to use Microsoft technologies for work. Therefore, completing a course can help you acquire the necessary skills.

Microsoft Course Certification Validity

Microsoft certifications are valid for a specific amount of time. Therefore, you need to renew them once they expire. To renew a Microsoft certificate, you can sit for an online assessment anytime. Moreover, there are no renewal charges for Microsoft certifications.

Cost of Microsoft Course Certification

Microsoft course certification requires a one-time payment. Moreover, there are many free Microsoft certification training programs available for candidates. Therefore, getting a Microsoft Course certification is highly lucrative if you want to pursue a career in the IT field.

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