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Why should you opt to buy a 3BHK flat?

by Uneeb Khan

More and more people are investing in residential spaces. Buying a 3BHK flat can be a smart move to reside and even from an investment point of view. Concrete Builders Sai Samast is a residential heaven in Chembur aiming to support the opulent lifestyles of its residents. It offers well-designed flats where residents can live safely while enjoying all the basic and luxury amenities like a gymnasium, rooftop gardens, lounges, parks, café etc. The following are the reasons for investing in a 3BHK flat-

Abundant space-

A 3BHK flat not only offers 3 bedrooms but also additional toilets. The circulation space in this type is also more than a 2BHK flat giving the individuals more space to move around. If the family members occupy only two bedrooms, the third room can be used for storage. With 2 bedrooms, families often struggle when their guests come over. The situation can be embarrassing when there is no proper space to make them feel comfortable. A 3BHK also gives an excellent opportunity to its residents to experiment with home interiors. 

Individual time and privacy-

Every individual needs some alone time. If both parents work from home, the third bedroom can be turned into an office space with more professional settings. In its absence, one has to either work in the bedroom or living room and both these options are inconvenient. Alternatively, kids can use it as their study room and concentrate on their work without any disturbance. If three generations live together, they can enjoy all activities comfortably under one roof without compromising on privacy. 

Think about the future-

A 3BHK flat can be advantageous for growing families. Couples planning to have kids can do so without worrying about shifting to a bigger house. Changing houses can be cumbersome or making adjustments to the present space can be time-consuming. A 3BHK is a good option for families or individuals planning to have pets. One should always take into account future needs before making a final decision. 

Great real-estate investment option-

If there is not a substantial price difference between a 2BHK and 3BHK, one should go for 3BHK as its resale value will be better. The flat can also be rented out and become an additional source of income. More rooms equal more rent. It is, therefore, an excellent investment option. Residents living in flats can also enjoy various amenities like gymnasiums, swimming pools, lounges, parks etc., without worrying about maintaining them. Sai Samast concrete builders aim to create a tranquil environment for the residents where they can live in luxury.

Easier financial solutions-

Getting a home loan for a larger residential space is easier than for a smaller one. Also, the interest rate might be lower for such flats.

Summing up

Investing in a 3BHK flat is a wise choice because it can help families become future-ready. If you looking for a permanent home, buy a larger space so that no problem arises later on. Even if you don’t plan on living in the flats, they can be great options for long-term investments. 

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