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Why you should be renting a laptop for events?

by Uneeb Khan

Laptops dominate the computer market with increasing record sales every year. Companies, startups, and new businesses are using laptops more in comparison to desktops. To a survey published in 2020, laptop sales increased to 166 million, a record high. In comparison to this, desktop sale was limited to under 90 million.

Organizations and companies prefer to use laptops more than desktops, and more so from the Covid-19 scene that forced businesses to think about the dependence on spaces constraining them in one place. These days organizations are exploring new and more compatible ways of working effectively and efficiently.

Laptops are in line with the market trend and because of this reason laptops, companies are constantly launching new and innovative laptops. New generation laptops are faster, smoother, and more dynamic to fulfill every market demand. 

Tech Events and laptops

Renting laptops for your company events

Events are a part of every company. May it be an IT company launching a new product or a marketing company celebrating the success of their ads. Laptops are a must in events because they are easily compatible, effective, and dynamic as they are easy to install anywhere. 

Bringing company-owned or purchasing new laptops for events is not a wise idea as compared to renting laptops for events. Here in this article, we have outlined six reasons to Laptops on rent for your events.

1. Secure your personal information 

A company-owned laptop has much sensitive information that can accidentally pop out during presentations, such as messages or emails. For this reason, it is always best to have a rented laptop for events as it has zero information that can potentially threaten the company. 

Also because a company-owned laptop has valuable organization credentials such as permissions, and passwords that can harm any organization if they went are into the wrong hands. Many companies have faced issues of malware injections in the past which is a nightmare for any company. A rented laptop has no personal information and hence event managers can be free of anxieties about any data breach or theft and go smoothly with the event. 

2. Peace of Mind

A company-owned machine should always be kept securely anywhere it goes. This of course includes physical damages like scratches or dents but at the same time requires vigilance against hackers. A rented laptop reduces all these burdens and is hassle-free because the renting agency will care of everything. They will deliver the laptops at your event and take them off your hand once you’re done with the event.

3. Show off new technology 

You can always show off the latest laptops based on the best processor, and graphics. Everything good gets PR for the company, and a good PR never hurts. Other than that an event must have the best laptops to avoid any unlikely event. To avoid these, companies demand the best laptops with graphics, processors, and RAM to go on smoothly with the event. A rented laptop gives you access to the best technology at cheaper prices, which are not even one-fourth of the price of buying a new laptop. 

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4. Renting makes you versatile 

Events may require you to have more than one type of laptop which can differ in brand and operating system. Your event might need an Apple or windows laptop, depending on the dynamic needs. A laptop rent agency has all the laptops which can be easily rented without paying a ton of money.

5. Reduce installation and maintenance costs 

If you are buying laptops you need to install a lot of software for their proper functioning. This needs a lot of company resources which could be doing something more important because this takes a lot of time. A rented laptop has everything pre-installed that you might require for an event. Many renting companies also provide on-site IT staff ready to help you in this matter to avoid event disasters. All of this ensures a smooth event. 

6. Safe investment

Renting a laptop for your event is the safest bet. You have the access to the best technology, best product, and technology but the amount of money to be paid is nothing compared to buying a new system of similar configurations. Businesses are always concerned about their investments and renting a laptop for their events is always the best option.

Renting a laptop is always the better option because with renting you save a lot of money and time to ensure that your event goes on smoothly without any glitches. 

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