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Will Singles in Fabric Make or Break Soft T-Shirts?

by Uneeb Khan

Worldwide, the t-shirt industry has changed into something better, which has now become the reason why people have the utmost love for t-shirts! T-shirts are a wardrobe essential. 

As soon as the fashion industry accepted t-shirts as the most comfortable and go-to apparel for all formal and casual settings, many entrepreneurs jumped into the business of t-shirt printing. T-shirt printing businesses then become a profitable, high-demanding niche over time! People are starting to get more into selling online t-shirts, whether blank or printable!

However, the t-shirt business became popular majorly because t-shirts are a staple that come in a diverse range of styles, designs, cuts, colors, and patterns. So, how one chooses the right type of t-shirt for their business niche is a crucial stage, because it will ensure the business’s growth! 

But of all of them, the essential factor that businesses might need to focus on to ensure their customers’ wellbeing and environmental safety is quality. If the t-shirts offer supreme quality, the chances are that people will likely wear them for years to come. Or they can repurpose the fabric!

Wholesale Big Tall Clothing have won the hearts of people across the globe for their sizing, fit, material, softness, and weight. All of these are essential factors that make up or break up a t-shirt. Moreover, these are the factors that buyers consider before adding the t-shirt to their cart. 

Apart from all these, another important part of a t-shirt is the fabric. So, fabrics that are less prone to fading, shrinkage, and pilling are the best. In the market, when you buy a t-shirt, you might find two similar shirts in color, cut, and style. But they might not be the same in quality, material, and performance.

So, if you want to know more about the nitty-gritty of t-shirts. And what factors are the most and least important to focus on when buying a t-shirt.So without any further ado, let’s dive straight right into the details.

What Does It Mean By “Fabric Singles”?

If you’re looking at t-shirts in bulk and finding it difficult to find the right type of t-shirt fabric. What’s the least you could do to determine whether the t-shirt is good or bad? The hand-feel of the fabric would make your instincts know about the quality of the fabric.

However, on the other hand, you also need to double-check. he material used in the t-shirt, because a great material provides comfort to the skin, gives stability to the t-shirt during the test of time, and prevents any shrinkage or pilling. So, what is meant by singles?

Singles is the measure of the fibers or the number of the fibers that make up any piece of clothing. But, how does the quantity of fibers, aka singles, impact the overall feel and quality of the clothing?

In this blog, we will learn everything about how singles contribute to the softness of the t-shirt. We will also get to know how singles are made and how singles in fabric will make or break soft t-shirts. Also, what are those products that have a high thread count that give super soft t-shirts?

How Are Singles Made?

So we learn that singles are the number of individual threads that weave a clothing fabric. The process of making singles is where industries spin cotton or other materials into finer threads that make up singles. They are like the building blocks of the fabric.

The quality of the fabric depends on the singles because singles decide how a piece of clothing feels on touch. Many companies often provide information about the number of singles used in a piece of clothing. So if you read a description saying “the material contains 24 to 32 singles,” just remember that it defines how thick the single is! Moreover, it describes the tightness of the material too!

The term “singles” refers to the every individual thread used to weave the overall fabric of clothing. Essentially, they are the result of spinning cotton or other materials into a thread that is the building block of fabric. Singles are an essential part of creating all kinds of clothing. As they are the baseline for how the fabric will feel and the quality of the clothing.

Do Singles Make Or Break The Softness Of A T-Shirt?

Yes! If you want to determine the softness of a t-shirt, the major factor you can use is the width of the singles. The higher the singles, aka the thread count, the softer the t-shirt. Wholesale Big Tall Clothing have the best t-shirts in terms of breathability, thickness, thread feel, and ultra-softness!

So if you are looking to get bulk cotton t-shirts, the way to determine the softness of a t-shirt is to look for the thread count. As it has a direct relationship with the diameter of the singles! So, yes, singles will make or break a t-shirt’s softness.


So, if you want to buy the softest t-shirts, the ultimate guide is to look for the thicker singles, so that you can get the breathable and incredibly soft t-shirts on the go!

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