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Wooden Blinds Vs Bamboo Blinds; Which One To Go For?

by Uneeb Khan
Wooden Blinds Vs Bamboo Blinds; Which One To Go For

Nowadays, blinds have become more and more popular as modern window coverings. And as you know, many types of blinds are available on the market and all of them differ in terms of functionality and appearance. We’re here to discuss all the possible differences between wooden and bamboo blinds so as to help you choose the right option for your interior.

Most people think wooden and bamboo blinds are almost the same type of window treatment and differ only in appearance. But, that’s not the case here because apart from appearance there’s much more to consider that can significantly affect your decision-making. Therefore, we, being the window treatment professionals at Wall Curtains, are going to illuminate some of these differences.

A Comparison Between Wooden & Bamboo Blinds

What do you expect from your window coverings (blinds)? This is the most important question that anyone should ask himself/herself before buying any sort of window treatment, in order to decide the ideal type of window covering. And for your ease, we have described below all the plus points and drawbacks of both types of window coverings.

1. Collation Of Durability And Sturdiness

Natural Bamboo blinds in comparison to wooden blinds are much more durable and sturdier. This exceptional sturdiness has lent them the nickname “the green steel”. However, this doesn’t mean that wooden blinds are not durable. It’s just that when we put both these options in comparison considering durability, bamboo blinds take the lead.

Hence, if you’re looking for something that can withstand damage without any worry, then bamboo blinds will be an ideal option for you.

2. The Difference In Flexibility

Another important thing to consider here is the flexibility of window covering. Because alongside being durable and able to withstand damage, your window coverings should be long-lasting and capable of withstanding warping and fading as well. And once again, bamboo blinds take the lead because as we all know, bamboo is a substantial material.

3. Control Of Light And Privacy Concerns

Of course, the main concern of any customer buying window coverings is to restrict or control the amount of light entering the interior. While a number of people also choose blinds or other sorts of window coverings to keep the peeping eyes out. Both of these concerns are legit and should be satisfied.

However, if you opt for bamboo blinds as your window treatment, then you’ll not be able to satisfy both of your concerns. In comparison, wooden shades can alleviate both these concerns quickly because these shades can easily regulate the amount of incoming light as per your demands and protect your interior from excessive glare.

4. Weight & Build Quality Comparison

Speaking of the build quality, it’s up to you to select the type of material quality and finish of your blinds. However, when it comes to weight, you’ll not be surprised to know that bamboo blinds are lightweight and wooden blinds are heavier. And, this delicacy of bamboo blinds makes them an ideal option to be used as small window coverings.

In contrast, wooden blinds are heavier which makes them perfect for framing large windows. Also, if you’re considering wooden blinds, make sure to opt for an option that is crafted using hardwood as the base construction material. Or else, low-quality wooden blinds won’t offer the much-needed durability and resilience to sustain your valuable investment for a longer period.

5. Consider Your Budget Options

If you’re still not able to decide the best type of blinds for your interior, then this all-important factor can help you make a choice. While making a decision about any valuable purchase, you should consider your budget options. In this case, this crucial consideration will also help you decide which type of blinds to choose.

Adding to that, bamboo blinds are cheap as compared to wooden blinds crafted using hardwood materials. That’s because bamboo is a naturally fast-growing material and is easily available as well. Besides, the processing cost of bamboo blinds is low as compared to wooden blinds.

6. Style Variations

Although both these blinds are available in a wide variety of styles, the wooden ones become a bit superior in this matter because of the wide variety of options like modern designs and unique textures. Also, different types of hardwood materials have astonishing wood patterns that can add to the beauty of your interior depending upon your aesthetic taste and styling preferences.

7. Some Other Important Considerations

Apart from all the points discussed above, there’re a lot of other essential factors that should be looked upon while making a decision of the type of window covering for your interior. These factors include customizability, product finish, eco-friendliness, interior decor settings, etc.

These are some small considerations that can make all the difference in your interior in terms of style, outlook, functionality, and most of all your personal choice. Also, to let you know, some interiors can work well with wooden blinds while others may look more sophisticated with bamboo blinds.

To Summarize

Now, you’ll no longer remain confused between making a decision about the best type of blinds for your interior. Because if your basic concerns are interior styling, privacy, and light control along with durability and resilience as the second most important factors, then there’s no match to wooden blinds for you. On the other hand, if you want your window covering to be extremely sturdy, and flexible, and you’re on a tight budget, then opting for bamboo blinds will be the ideal option in that case.

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