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Worksite Wellness Coordinators: Create Positive Health

by Uneeb Khan

Today, the majority of efforts in health focus on problem elimination, disease prevention or risk reduction, and management of health problems (illness and illness) instead of promoting positive health (wellbeing and wellbeing and living optimally). Your employees need to be healthy and live their lives to the fullest extent, don’t you?

Positive Health

Positive health is about progressing from the neutral position on the health-wellness continuum. Therefore, specific steps to promote health are required to achieve good health.

The 9 E’s listed below and 1 C will aid individuals in taking activities that result in positive health outcomes.


In the case of behavior changes, it’s important to distinguish between engagement and participation. Engagement is defined as a must-do or must-do to avoid a penalty or non-compliance. It is usually motivated by external motivators (e.g., incentives) and combines hands, the head, and feet. Engagement is about the desire to accomplish something and the actions usually being intrinsically motivated. Engagement requires a lot of dedication, effort, and discretion and is based on heart and emotions. Dr jay feldman


Enablement involves having suitable systems and resources put in place to help achieve successful outcomes. It comprises two main elements: role optimization for the individual and an environment that supports and encourages rather than inhibits.


Empowerment means having the freedom to make decisions and having the capacity to control the situation or problem. To be empowered, a person needs to believe that they have a substantial influence on and in the making of their own destiny.


Knowing what is expected from you in any given situation is vitally important. The inability to meet expectations results in a lack of support to change or another endeavor.


The power of reason will never prevail over emotion. Emotions play an essential role in our behavior. They can hinder changes while positive emotions increase and expand. They also have numerous connections and advantages to physical well-being. Dr jay feldman


Just acquiring information about the health and wellness field is not a guarantee of an action-related change in behavior. Education, however, can bring about shifts in attitudes, knowledge, thoughts, beliefs, and even emotions.


Effectiveness is the ability to produce the desired outcome or effect that can be quantifiably or qualitatively assessed. It’s all about being ethical and doing what is right. On the job, efficient programming involves using the best practice or practice-based methods when available. The measurement of effectiveness is essential.

Evaluation and Continual Improvement

It is crucial to have a plan, but what we believe to be logically supposed to work may not be effective. Policies, programs, and other change initiatives should be evaluated based on their results, not the intention. Evaluation and evaluation are required to show what is working and give feedback to the participants and the change agents (worksite health coordinator). Dr jay feldman


Change and growth require the use of energy. Energy is four-dimensional and comprises:

Physical energy – about the movement

* Emotional energy – About quality

* Focused and focused mental energy

“Spiritual Energy” about significance and meaning

Energy is finite. Therefore, it cannot be used indefinitely. It also has to be replenished.


Achieving successful change, both personal and corporate requires a holistic strategy. According to research, an integrated, strategic, systematic, sustainable, and integrated strategy for workplace wellbeing is most effective. (Mattson-Kofman (2005), Goetzel, et al. (2007) as well as Terry, et . al. (2009)

Positive health means living an existence of joy and engagement. It is about finding meaningfulness. Positive health provides a sense of satisfaction, a satisfying life, and the feeling of being loved and cared for. Well-being is the result of design. Better futures for your staff and company will not happen by themselves. It is essential to take deliberate and deliberate steps to build it. Healthy living isn’t created simply by reducing risk but by taking conscious positive steps, like those nine Es or 1 C listed in this article. Dr jay feldman


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Creating Positive Health

A healthy lifestyle is essential to living your life at its best. Your workplace wellness program must include these 9 E’s as well as 1 C.

I would like to invite you to let me help you develop your successful and sustainable program that is sustainable, effective, and long-lasting. I specialize in coaching workplace wellness coordinators and creating Done With You worksite wellness programs. Contact me via Dr jay feldman

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