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10 Tips to Create an Amazing Instagram Blog

by Uneeb Khan

Having an expanded reach and maximum targeted audience is necessary for a blogger to grow. To reach that level of audience and visitors you have to find a proper way and social media is the one that makes it easier to get. All you need to be sure of is your continuous presence on social media because most of the users are active on Instagram. So to build the foundation you have to remain consistent and post content related to your audience. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with maximum active users than other platforms. Everyone seems to be sharing their content on Instagram whether it’s a picture of a pizza, natural scenery, or any other mesmerizing picture or video.

If you are a blogger and you still don’t have an Instagram account, you are missing a lot of things to boost your marketing or increase your business. But having an Instagram account never means that magic will happen and your business will start to grow instantly. Well, that isn’t the case because you have to be persistent as it’s such a high-maintenance tool. You need to share appealing images and videos constantly with your targeted audience if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Below are the exciting tips that’ll help you grow your followers and make an amazing Instagram blog:

1.       Choose a Unique and Simple Username

If you already have an Instagram account that you have on other social media platforms and you want it to be the same to remain consistent, let it be. Besides that to create a new account you have to think of something that is catchy as well as simple and sounds professional. While creating your account you are first building the overview of your brand, so post an appealing profile picture related to your audience. Don’t forget to add a precise bio of your account with attractive emojis and add the link to your blogging website in your bio. Choosing the right username will help you go the long way.

2.       Stick to Your Niche

Whether you are interested in food photography or a travel blogger, even if you are a makeup artist or love architecture. Choose your niche and stick to it even if your posts are not getting the boost that you need. As it takes time and strategy to make it work. So be consistent with your niche, as a visitor visit your profile then by looking at your feed anybody should get an idea that on what niche your account is. This will help them to decide easily whether they should follow your account or not.

3.       Become a Story Teller

Appealing photos and videos are great to share but you should also have the ability to share your experiences and stories. Whether in the caption of your photos or the form of videos. Although the picture is worth a thousand words still sometimes people needs words to hear. Share your experiences, daily life stories, anything interesting you discovered, and much more.

4.       Relevant Hashtags

While being on Instagram how you can forget to use relevant hashtags, you can add 30 hashtags per post. Hashtags help you bring more audience as many users follow several hashtags and this will help your content remain on top. Just like you buy Instagram likes UK to get more reach on your feed. Make sure to use popular hashtags that are related to your niche.

5.       Mention Your Location

Just like you mention your location in your blog to tell people what place you visited or from where you tried that cuisine or any other thing. The same goes for Instagram when you share something don’t forget to mention the location. It’ll show at the top of your post and when someone explores content related to that tagged location, your post will appear.

6.       Remain Engaged

If you want to get discovered by others then don’t forget to follow other popular influencers, and tag them in your posts. Also stay engaged with your followers through comments, stories, and contests on feed posts. Tagging popular influencers will give you an opportunity that they might notice and mention you in their stories. This will help you get more engagement on your account.

7.       Make Use of the Slideshow

If you are a storyteller or you just like to share your experiences with your followers, the slideshow feature of Instagram will be beneficial for you. You can also tag location and other users in your photos. Share your experience with a restaurant or create a mini travel guide.

8.       Post Regular and Continuous Stories

You might know about this before that these days video content marketing is working more than just a simple text or picture. So it’s better to post videos in your stories that are short and attract your customers to your account. People spend more time watching stories rather than going through feed posts.

9.       Be Consistent

Instagram needs your consistency more regularly you post more customers will remain engaged in your posts. Just like you buy Instagram followers in the UK to connect with more customers. Similarly posting at the same time according to the interest of your followers will help you create a larger community.

10.   Invest Your Time

The best way to build your community and get organic followers is to engage with your followers. Invest your time and energy to connect with new people and urge them to engage with your account. For this, you can analyze popular reports to know their secret to success and then compare it with your account. You’ll be able to achieve more by adapting strategies that work well for your account.


There isn’t any single task that you can do and your account will grow magically, you have to go through several steps. You have to find the right strategy that works for your Instagram account and in which your followers are interested the most. With the above tips, you’ll be able to get more engagement than before and keep on working on it to make it consistent.

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