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10 Tips To Improve Academic Writing Style – Guide For Students

by Uneeb Khan
Academic Writing Style


Academic writing is commonly used for educational purpose. It is done in to order provide information, research findings, ideas and arguments in clear and concise way.  There are many aspects that should be followed while doing academic writing or your academic writing style should be according to basic guidelines. The write up should contain strong thesis statement.  It must be free of personal opinions and slang words. The use of tone should also be formal along with citation of all the references. This writing is skill and it can be improved by time with the help of academic writing services and some tips and tricks.

How You Can Enhance Your Academic Writing Skills?

If you feel you lack academic writing style, here are some few tips you can use. With the help of these suggestion, you will surely get hang of it.

  1. Read, Read & Read: Make the habit of reading various academic texts, research papers and essays. This would allow you to be familiar to different writing styles.
  2. Adherence to guidelines: You should follow the guidelines you have been given by your institution. Study and research in detail what they expect from you and then write it accordingly. This would avoid you from unnecessary revisions.
  3. Create an outline: After understanding your guidelines, create an outline of your paper. It will aid you organize ideas in a better way and maintain a clear, logical flow in your writing.
  4. Sentence organization: Your piece of writing should be crafted in a way that ideas are smoothly transacted. It should be logical and every paragraph should be linked with previous one.
  5. Think out of the box: That might sound obvious but try to write in your own words. Yes, you can take inspiration from already published articles but it should not be exactly same. Try to add your own creativity in your academic writing.
  6. Clarity and coherence: Your work should be drafted in a way that it is easy to understand. Long and complex sentence would make your readers scratch their heads. Go for easy, short and crisp sentences.
  7. Avoid repetition: Try to limit one idea to one paragraph. If you are repeating same ideas again and again it might frustrate your readers. Start with one paragraph, work on it and move to new one.
  • Evidence based reasons: If you are writing researchers and facts then back it with the help of existing data and figures. Adding references from credible sources will enhance your work.
  • Editing and proofreading: Once you have drafted your assignment, it is a wise idea to carefully review it. Make sure you look for any grammatical errors, and punctuation mistakes.
  • Take help from mentors: After completing all the formalities of writing, send your work to your colleagues or even mentors. They would be able to point out some mistakes which you might have overlooked.Ask for the suggestion on how you can improve your work.
  • If you keep these factors in your mind while doing academic writing you only move forward with success.

Mistakes To Avoid While Doing Academic Writing:

Following are some errors that must be avoided at any cost as suggested by academic writing services too.

  1. Doing at the eleventh hour: It is true that while writing assignments, you need a lot of time but if you are starting it at the last moment you would not be able to write high quality content. This would negatively affect your academic experience.
  2. Complex language: Using difficult words might seem as a good idea to impress your audience, but in reality it makes hard for them read it. In some cases they won’t read your writing next time.
  3. Ignoring feedback: After receiving your work from your peers, use it as a constructive criticism to correct mistakes and improve your writing skills.It is in your best bet not to ignore those suggestions.
  4. Not doing enough research: It is most of the common error done by students. Insufficient research can result in weak sentences and arguments which you most probably want to avoid in your writing. Always spend a good amount of time on researching your topic.

After reading these crucial steps and paying attention to details you would improve your academic writing skills. 

Types Of Academic Writing:

Academic writing varies from wide range of styles and formats. They are written according to specific needs. One might be needed as a part of their coursework other might be written just as a hobby! Let’s have a look on few of many types of essays academic writing service offer.

Research Papers:

They are comprehensive and detailed paper which contain the findings of researches is present.It consists of many sections like abstract, introduction, result, discussion and reference, and conclusion. A lot of time is required to write a high quality paper without any plagiarism and for that your writing skills should be top-notch.

Literature Reviews:

In this type of academic writing you have to summarize the existing research of a given topic. You have to look for key findings and highlight them. Citing the references is very crucial too.


Academic writing is also used in essays. These include narrative, argumentative, descriptive and expository. It mostly consists of presenting or defending thesis using evidences.


This is also long form paper typically written at P.HD. Level where your critical thinking is challenged. You summarize the all the learning outcomes during your academic journey and present them in a form of journal.

Book Reviews: 

While the main idea behind doing book reviews is to present readers with the critical evaluation of and summary of book. They also assess the content and quality of the plot.


Mastering the art of academic writing is a journey that all students embark upon as they navigate their educational pathways. Academic writing serves as the bridge between ideas, knowledge, and the world, allowing students to communicate their insights effectively. To excel in this, embracing a few key principles can make a significant difference. By embracing these tips and principles, students can embark on a fulfilling academic writing odyssey that not only enhances their educational experience but also prepares them for success in their future.

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