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Changing Perspective: 7 Drawing Room Designs that Incorporate Study Room

by Uneeb Khan

In the modern concept of home interiors, designers have technical and scientific expertise in space management, making the most out of nature and energy-efficient home interior solutions. Some industry experts research extensively in making modern spaces more productive and useful rather than filling up the space merely with lavish furniture and homedecors. However, this kind of space solution needs guidance and support from Industry experts such as Interior Designwala where designers with the help of technology add functionality to your space online. 

This is one of its one-of-a-kind services in India where you can get the best interior design solutions online without any hassle. Let’s see what the expertise of these designers says about the upcoming changing perspective of the drawing room design interiors.

Drawing rooms aka Living room spaces have been a common element in home designs for ages. From the interior point of view, this space reflects the affluence of the house. Placing decorative items, vintage culinary, wall art, hand-made showpieces, paintings etc are some of the common interior elements even today. The concept of drawing room design interiors from an intellectual’s viewpoint is changing in modern days. The modern-day designs suggest adding another functional area without disturbing the open hall concept. This design feature suggests adding a concept of open study in the modern drawing rooms. We can also say this concept is a revamp of colonial interiors where a library near the fireplace in the big hall, along with a recliner chair was a very general feature. Let’s see how modern we can create a space for modern study in our drawing rooms.

How a study room interior design will look in an apartment flat?

  1. Bring Balconies Inside the Room

One of the best places to create a modern study room interior design in the flats is by using your drawing room balcony. One can cover the open space with UPVC sliders to make way for natural light. This will give a warm cosy closed yet open space. One might create a clever study and drawing room with fixed woodwork or modular shelves.

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  1. Placing Modular Shelves 

Use your accent wall to set a tall, modular wooden shelf against the wall or hanging shelves if you want to create a study spot in the drawing room without sacrificing your open space. Along with the books on the shelves, you can also arrange plants and decorations, even a TV unit here. So it can again bring multifunctionality to your room along with great aesthetics.

  1. Double-sided Shelf as a Partition Wall

The best method for creating a smooth transition between the hall and other interior spaces is to use tall, double-sided partition walls. Our speciality at Interior Design Wala is manufacturing factory-finished modular woodwork, including partition walls with double shelves. When positioned between the hallways, these shelves can enhance the attractiveness of the dining area or kitchen on one side and the study room on the other. For compact apartments, it’s a terrific way to save room.

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  1. Look for TheTiered Seating Area

If the wall and vertical space are not giving the appropriate solution then utilise this floor tip by Interior Designwala. A tiered seating area is the one that gives a feel of seating on the stairs. It may sound bizarre, but trust me, it gives a great contemporary look to the drawing room design. Here the steps/ layers can be easily used for placing books, while the wide top can be used for sitting and relaxing.

How a study room interior design will look in an Independent House?

  1. Private Study in the Attic of the Drawing room 

Creating a study room in a villa or independent home is fun as you can do experiments and give the best space utilisation as well as contemporary designs at the same time. With great woodwork, your large hall can bring the aesthetics of a study room cum private library space keeping you connected yet detached from the living room.

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  1. Way Window Sitting Along with Tall Shelves

Way window seating is a great option for nature lovers, who love to read a nice book in an evening rain with their coffee. Place a tall shelf and cushion in the seating area or a nice woodwork to keep your books around the window space of your drawing room will create a cosy nook for reading a book.

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  1. Study Under Skylights

This idea is especially true for nerds. All you need is to dedicate your entire signature wall to your beloved books for a stunning study room interior design. These types of designs are more popular in beautiful landscapes where you can have a picturesque view of nature while enjoying your book.

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  1. For Small Spaces-Layer It up

At last layering up to the vertical space always works. If you have a small space as a single story 3 BHK villa you can still create a layered-up sitting area along with bookshelves in the steps. Please take note that layering should only consist of three phases at most. 

The Last Say

Drawing room designs in the modern house interiors are inspired by different styles. One common thing that today’s generation keeps in mind is to bring the maximum comfort and functionality to every nook and corner of the place, be it a small home,  luxury villa, or bungalow. Incorporating a study room in the drawing rooms not only justifies the space but also makes the space belong to the intelligentsia. One of the biggest successes of increasing such contemporary and modern study spaces that are attached to the living room but also have all the key aspects of a study room as privacy can be achieved by using modern acoustic materials such as soundproof glass which enhances the outer beauty and maintains the privacy while keeping you connected with the outer being.


Q1. Which wood is best for making an attic?

Interior Designwala used engineered wood in its factory finish woodwork, for making modular furniture and spaces such as an attic.

Q2. Is woodwork by Interior Designwala durable?

Yes. They provide highly durable woodwork which comes along with a 10-year warranty.

Q3. How does online interior design take place?

In online interior design, the designers create 2D and 3d images of the interiors, with 360-degree views and all the detailing elements. These images are 3D rendered and the result is real-world-like images that help you in choosing the right interior solutions for your space.

Q4. Which glasses are best for skylights?

Tempered-over laminated glasses are great due to their high resilience.

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