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3 Home Design Trends for 2022

by MarketMillion
3 Home Design Trends for 2022

As we move towards summertime in 2022, there are some key design trends that you can incorporate into your home improvement and renovation plans. The following three examples, have been hand-picked from the best examples of modern design, and offer both style and functionality for some of your most important living spaces. In this article we focus on meaningful refinements and renovations that can be undertaken in your kitchen, garden and bathroom areas.

Incorporate functional kitchen islands

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen space, one hugely trendy design feature, is to incorporate a kitchen island in the design. Kitchen islands have surged in popularity amongst home owners in recent years, and are now the central hub of most modern kitchens. The key to choosing the right kitchen island, is to firstly determine its overall purpose. For example, if you consider yourself to be a dab hand in the kitchen, you may choose an island as the focal point of cooking and food preparation. By installing your cooking appliances and food preparation countertops into the island, you’ll create a focal point in the kitchen where you can display your culinary skills!

Conversely, in smaller kitchens, another modern design trend for islands, is to transform them into seating areas. This enables the whole family to sit together at meal times without the need for additional tables. Modern touches in this respect, include design features such as heated countertops, designed to keep the family cozy on cold mornings.

Install garden decking

2022 is the year that gardens take on increased prominence in the minds of design experts and the public in general. We are all acutely aware, that the last couple of years, have resulted in restrictions to our movements and even nationwide lockdowns, due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. With these restrictions, came a greater desire to improve our outdoor spaces, so we could at least enjoy being outside within the boundaries of our properties.

It is no surprise then, that decking designs for gardens, are hugely popular features, in 2022. Planning and incorporating a deck installation in your garden, adds a centre point for this outdoor space and can serve many distinct functions. Adding a table and chairs, makes outdoor dining possible, which can transform family meals and dinner parties. Modern design features in decking areas, now include outdoor heating lamps that ensure garden dining is enjoyable and comfortable, in colder weather. Click here to learn about our security alarm systems that protect your home and loved ones. Call us today to help you secure your space.

Modern bathroom designs

Key trends this year for bathroom renovations, include the fitting of multiple shower heads and sprays. Whilst power showers were key design features of the last few decades, there is now a greater desire for that true spa experience of having multiple sprays, to massage as well as clean! Another design feature that is popular this year, to promote relaxation, is to include indoor plants in the bathroom. Many indoor varieties thrive in the warm, moist environment of the bathroom, and can actually improve air quality, as well as recreate a spa or health sanctuary type of experience!

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