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What Is a PDF File And What Are PDFs For?

by Uneeb Khan

In business, it’s common to come across .pdf files. What is a PDF file and how can you open a PDF? The name of this versatile file type stands for Portable Document Format. This is a good acronym because it sums up what PDFs are for. They’re designed to be easy to send to anyone, anywhere. PDFs can be viewed on laptops, smartphones, and tablets without issues.

How To Open a PDF File

An easy way to open a PDF is with your favourite web browser. For example, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge both offer features for viewing PDFs. Mac users and owners of iPhones, iPads and mobile devices with Android may find it easier to download a free PDF reader app from the App Store or Google Play. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a popular free application that is available for users around the world, though it only lets you view PDFs, not edit them.

If you want to take PDFs to the next level, you need something that allows for opening and editing documents. That way you can add a digital signature, delete text, modify text or add images to the PDF before sending it. www.sodapdf.com/ is a website with many different tools help you convert, create and edit PDFs for free. You can use these tools to transform Word documents into PDFs, for example, and vice-versa. Because these tools are available online, you can use them on any device, from Windows laptops to Apple iPads.

One other option for the automation, editing, and generation of PDF documents is using the free PDF Editor from JotForm. You can easily customize your PDF documents and generate well-formatted PDF documents while also collecting the necessary data for the PDF Document via an online form.

Another option is to select a paid membership for Adobe’s Acrobat Pro DC, which has lots of user-friendly tools as well. The downside for Acrobat Pro (besides the price tag) is that you have to download software onto your computer, which can be difficult for people who work in an office.

The Advantages of PDF Files

PDFs were invented in the early 1990s, and they’re still one of the most popular document formats available. What has made them useful for over 25 years? PDF files have a great combination of features:

· Universal appeal: It’s attractive to know that you can create documents that everyone can read. With PDFs, you don’t have to worry whether customers have the right software for a file. Anyone can open PDF files for free.

· Security features: You can also add password encryption to PDFs. That way people can view your document, but they can’t access areas that are protected. This is helpful for creating online forms and applications. You can leave a few fields open but lock parts of the document you don’t want changed.

· Identical appearance: No matter what device clients use, your product catalogs and other PDF documents retain their flair. Resizing doesn’t change the position of text or the appearance of images. This lets you create branded files that always look amazing.

· Multiple layers: It’s easy to merge several different object formats into a single PDF. With an online editor, you can add JPEG images, text from Microsoft Word, tables from Microsoft Excel and many other elements. In fact, you can even create digital PDFs with 3D objects, videos and hyperlinks.

· Compressed size: Another big benefit of PDFs is their small size. PDF files use a compressed format, which shrinks the size of documents while keeping excellent quality. That way, if you need to deliver product catalogs or invoices to customers, all you have to do is send them an email.

Great Ways To Use a PDF

Now that you know what is a PDF file and how to open them, what can you use this format for? PDF files have one of the most flexible file types available, so the limits for business and personal use are endless. Here a few ideas:

· Product catalogs: PDF catalogs let readers flip through pages like a real magazine, and they can contain vibrant images, persuasive videos and links straight to your brand’s website.

· Marketing material: PDF infographics are popular on social media sites such as Pinterest. They combine helpful images, great tips, memorable quotes, and other irresistible elements.

· Business presentations: Hold the attention of viewers with business presentations that use a combination of photos, graphics and text. When you choose .pdf, you can open your presentation on a smartphone or laptop easily.

· Digital scans: With a PDF scanning program, your smartphone or printer turns old documents into digital PDFs in seconds. This helps you back up important financial records and store them safely.

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