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4 Ways to Connect a PS3 to Computer Speakers

by Uneeb Khan


Connecting your PlayStation 3 (PS3) to computer speakers is a fantastic concept for enhancing gaming and media streaming. This means that you will get a good sound experience while playing games or watching movies due to the audio quality of these speakers. In this article, we’ll discuss four methods to connect your PS3 to computer speakers.

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1. Using a 3.5mm RCA cable:

Using a 3.5mm RCA cable is one of the basic ways of linking your PS3 with a computer speaker. Here’s what you should do:

   – Buy a 3.5mm RCA cable which can work well with both your PS3 as well as your computer speakers.

   – Locate the Audio Out/Video Out ports on the back side of your PS3.

   – Then plug in the red and white plugs from the RCA cables into their correct ports(red plug for right channel audio and white plug for left channel audio) on your PS3.

   – Plug another end of RCA cable into audio input port found on your computer speaker.

   – Finally turn on both PS3 and computer powered speakers then adjust volume level 


To connect your PS3 to computer speakers for better audio, you can use an optical TOSLINK to 3.5mm adapter. Here’s a simple guide:

  • Purchase an optical TOSLINK to 3.5mm adapter that works with both your PS3 and computer speakers.
  • Find the Digital Out (Optical) port on your PS3.
  • Plug one end of the TOSLINK cable into the Digital Out (Optical) port on your PS3.
  • Connect the other end of the TOSLINK cable to the optical TOSLINK to 3.5mm adapter.
  • Insert the 3.5mm end of the adapter into the audio input port on your computer speakers.
  • Turn on both your PS3 and computer speakers, and adjust the volume to your preference.

3. Through the help of a Bluetooth adapter:

Although not all computer speakers support it, some have Bluetooth capabilities. Here is how you can do that.

   – Buy a suitable compatible Bluetooth transmitter and receiver which can support the connectivity of computer speakers and PS3s.

   – Properly connect your PS3 to the Bluetooth transmitter by using a fitting audio cable like 3.5mm RCA or optical TOSLINK cables.

   – Ensure the Bluetooth transmitter and computer speakers are switched on.

   – Set the bluetooth receiver on pairing mode and pair it with the bluetooth transmitter connected to your PS3.

   – Adjust volume of your computer speakers as necessary.

4. By use of HDMI to VGA/audio converter:

In case your computer speakers have HDMI or VGA input ports, an HDMI to VGA/audio converter can be used for connecting your PS3.

   – An HDMI to VGA/audio converter suitable for both the PS3 and computer speakers should be bought from market.

   – Connect one end of HDMI cable into the HDMI port on your PS3.

   – Insert other side of this same cord into HDMI input port found in Converter.

   – Use a VGA or audio cable for connecting your computer speakers to the right output port on the converter.

  – Switch on your PS3 and computer speakers, then regulate volume as appropriate.


To connect a PS3 to computer speakers enhance its gaming and entertainment experience. Take any of these four ways based on your speaker specifications and preference. These methods are helpful in connecting your PS3 to computer speakers whether you prefer a wired connection or wireless setup.

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